Best selling artists, albums and singles of all-time


Artists Ranking – Streaming

The figures given here are units sold and EAS (equivalent album sales).

Please keep in mind that some artists are missing, because their analysis has not been done yet. The complete list is available here. All figures reflect the value as collected at the time of the artist’s respective articles.

1. Drake59,216,000 (as of Jul 2021)
2. Bad Bunny31,677,000 (as of Jul 2021)
3. Eminem30,632,000 (as of Jun 2021)
4. Justin Bieber30,427,000 (as of Nov 2020)
5. BTS28,651,000 (as of May 2021)
6. Rihanna26,973,000 (as of Jun 2021)
7. Ed Sheeran26,644,000 (as of Oct 2019)
8. Post Malone25,364,000 (as of Nov 2020)
9. The Weeknd24,113,000 (as of Sep 2020)
10. Taylor Swift23,193,000 (as of May 2021)
11. Ariana Grande19,817,000 (as of Oct 2019)
12. Coldplay19,174,000 (as of Jun 2021)
13. Selena Gomez16,170,000 (as of Mar 2021)
14. Kendrick Lamar16,146,000 (as of Apr 2019)
15. Ozuna14,917,000 (as of Feb 2019)
16. Maroon 514,672,000 (as of Dec 2019)
17. Kanye West14,512,000 (as of Oct 2018)
18. Nicki Minaj14,508,000 (as of Sep 2018)
19. Dua Lipa14,043,000 (as of Jan 2021)
20. Bruno Mars13,880,000 (as of Jun 2019)
21. Billie Eilish13,782,000 (as of Jul 2020)
22. Lady Gaga12,516,000 (as of Dec 2020)
23. David Guetta12,199,000 (as of Feb 2019)
24. Future11,584,000 (as of Nov 2018)
25. Shawn Mendes11,556,000 (as of Oct 2019)
26. J Balvin11,345,000 (as of Sep 2018)
27. Calvin Harris11,034,000 (as of Sep 2018)
28. Queen10,752,000 (as of Jan 2020)
29. Sia10,563,000 (as of Sep 2018)
30. Khalid10,042,000 (as of Feb 2019)
31. Beyoncé9,937,000 (as of May 2018)
32. Imagine Dragons9,563,000 (as of Sep 2018)
33. Chainsmokers9,524,000 (as of Sep 2018)
34. XXXTentacion9,377,000 (as of Dec 2018)
35. Sam Smith9,064,000 (as of Feb 2019)
36. Katy Perry8,638,000 (as of Jun 2019)
37. Miley Cyrus8,508,000 (as of Dec 2020)
38. Adele8,273,000 (as of Jun 2019)
39. Halsey7,784,000 (as of Mar 2019)
40. Harry Styles7,645,000 (as of Jul 2021)
41. Major Lazer7,141,000 (as of Sep 2018)
42. DJ Snake7,097,000 (as of May 2019)
43. Twenty One Pilots7,060,000 (as of Sep 2018)
44. Demi Lovato6,813,000 (as of Oct 2018)
45. Ellie Goulding6,555,000 (as of Apr 2019)
46. Marshmello6,501,000 (as of May 2019)
47. Shakira6,232,000 (as of Jun 2018)
48. Charlie Puth5,951,000 (as of Sep 2018)
49. Michael Jackson5,903,000 (as of Jan 2019)
50. Avicii5,822,000 (as of Apr 2018)

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hey! how can i find a certain album’s sales, they arent available anywhere (including this list) and i wanted to ask if theres any way i could find it. thank you!


Hi elora93838!

Are you looking at sales of one specific album that isn’t present or how to access to album sales of the artists listed on page 18?


I can’t search any artists. Chartmasters should sent an email to each subscriber that their website will be down or something like that


Hi jam001!

With nearly 12,000 subscribers, time for all emails to be sent the issue would be solved more often than not! Also, while I’ve set the needful to be notified when the website is down, it’s trickier when the site is up and running and only the tool is offline. I’ve no notification in this case. The best would be to mail us at so that we are aware of it and restart the tool fast.

As mentioned to L145, I’ve increased Silver’s limit to 10 for today for the inconvenience caused!


What happened to your website?

Last edited 1 day ago by jam001

Justin bieber is at 82m eas


Justin bieberstotal seems to glitch between 82 and 85 million.
Which is the correct total?


The other image I saw


it’s 82m


Hi Fanofpop!

Weirdly enough, from time to time Spotify credits the song Bad Guy to Justin, the solo song. This ends up with this glitch, the correct value is the lowest one.


Thank you so much


it’s still showing 85m


hey can you please update ed sheeran album sales?

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