Best selling artists, albums and singles of all-time

Elvis Presley

Artists Ranking – Physical Singles Sales

The figures given here are units sold.

Please keep in mind that some artists are missing, because their analysis has not been done yet. The complete list is available here. All figures reflect the value as collected at the time of the artist’s respective articles.

1. Elvis Presley135,210,000 units (as of Sep 2018)
2. The Beatles116,080,000 units (as of Mar 2017)
3. Michael Jackson79,350,000 units (as of Sep 2017)
4. Madonna75,210,000 units (as of Aug 2017)
5. Bee Gees72,790,000 units (as of Apr 2017)
6. The Rolling Stones72,770,000 units (as of Dec 2016)
7. Elton John65,340,000 units (as of Feb 2018)
8. Stevie Wonder65,320,000 units (as of Mar 2021)
9. Paul McCartney57,970,000 units (as of Dec 2018)
10. Rod Stewart & Faces55,220,000 units (as of Nov 2019)
11. ABBA54,400,000 units (as of Nov 2016)
12. Queen49,960,000 units (as of Jan 2020)
13. George Michael & Wham!49,880,000 units (as of May 2017)
14. Whitney Houston49,520,000 units (as of May 2017)
15. Cher46,220,000 units (as of Aug 2017)
16. David Bowie44,200,000 units (as of Jan 2017)
17. Johnny Hallyday43,740,000 units (as of Jan 2018)
18. Prince42,910,000 units (as of Oct 2018)
19. Janet Jackson40,640,000 units (as of Apr 2017)
20. Céline Dion39,290,000 units (as of Sep 2016)
21. Billy Joel36,900,000 units (as of Oct 2016)
22. Mariah Carey36,890,000 units (as of Apr 2017)
23. Barbra Streisand35,250,000 units (as of Mar 2018)
24. Bryan Adams32,090,000 units (as of Mar 2019)
25. Jackson 5 & The Jacksons31,160,000 units (as of Sep 2017)
26. Phil Collins29,910,000 units (as of Apr 2018)
27. Bon Jovi27,980,000 units (as of Nov 2016)
28. John Lennon26,780,000 units (as of Oct 2018)
29. Fleetwood Mac26,060,000 units (as of Oct 2016)
30. Ayumi Hamasaki25,980,000 units (as of Sep 2019)
31. Simon & Garfunkel23,830,000 units (as of May 2018)
32. The Police23,810,000 units (as of Jun 2020)
33. Creedence Clearwater Revival22,570,000 units (as of Jan 2019)
34. U222,550,000 units (as of Aug 2016)
35. Bruce Springsteen21,010,000 units (as of Jul 2017)
36. Spice Girls20,020,000 units (as of Mar 2017)
37. Kylie Minogue19,720,000 units (as of Apr 2018)
38. Britney Spears18,600,000 units (as of Apr 2019)
39. Backstreet Boys18,010,000 units (as of Feb 2017)
40. Bob Dylan17,680,000 units (as of Oct 2016)
41. Eagles16,630,000 units (as of Dec 2017)
42. Sting16,010,000 units (as of Jun 2020)
43. Aerosmith15,500,000 units (as of Jun 2018)
44. Metallica15,480,000 units (as of Feb 2019)
45. Santana15,380,000 units (as of Aug 2020)
46. Eminem14,320,000 units (as of Jun 2021)
47. The Doors13,860,000 units (as of Mar 2019)
48. Shania Twain13,130,000 units (as of Dec 2016)
49. TLC13,120,000 units (as of Apr 2019)
50. Paul Simon12,820,000 units (as of May 2018)

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Why drake eas is decreasing everyday?


could anyone tell me which of these albums they estimate are the biggest in total cspc?

  1. the Notorious BIG- life after death
  2. Puff Daddy- No Way Out
  3. Usher- My Way

I’m pretty sure Life After Dearh has sold the least in original units but it has much stronger streaming and I assume digital sales, in addition to Notorious BIG having more compilations than the other two


Puff Daddy for sure, he sold way more at the time. The other two albums sold about the same so Usher would be #3 in terms of cspc.


Drake is at 102m eas

Ed Sheeran himself

and where is Chris Brown? You swear ong and Lorde sold more than him?


they haven’t studied him yet 🙄 and they probably won’t for a while because there’s a lot more successful acts who debuted in his era that have sold more anyway like kanye west, nevermind older artist that have sold way more and newer artists that a growing more rapidly

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