Understanding: Billboard BB200 vs US Album Sales


I) Establishing Key Formulas

E) Fixing The Factor

The first four sections of this article are interesting but it still remains obscure. It is so because of one element missing – the factor. We know how the market evolved, we know how sales are scaled over a ranking, we know how to elude traps from the RIAA and from atypical rankings. We don’t know how to convert the scale and the market into a formula factor.

It happens to be fairly easy to set. It requires entering all elements into the sheet and then try various factors until finding the one that fits with RIAA awards for all albums, which means our conversion makes sense. The one that came out is 5,200 for 1973.

For example, we scaled positions 101-200 with 1. It means that in 1973, when 388 million albums were sold, albums charting between 101-200 were averaging 5,200 sales a week. The factor for every year is automatically calculated as per the market evolution as listed below:

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Please reply back soon MJD, I’m trying to do an analysis on Zara Larsson and I need 2017 album sales, audio streams and downloads for all markets please 🙏🏻

Donald Miller

I found the part about Teddy Pendergrass interesting because of his comparable lack of crossover success. Would have been nice if you had included a non-crossover country act or two for contrast.


Hi MJD, You are really good at getting the more accurate figures. It is your unstinting skill, why don’t you and your team start a worldwide top 100 songs in a weekly basis. What i dont like in us billboard hot 100 charts is that there is a limit now on the number of weeks for a song staying on the charts and if it reaches that limit, the song will not appear on the following week even if its sales are still enough to be in the hot 100. For the uk charts, i dont like their new rule… Read more »


And 2013 Album sales for Europe, Australia, new Zealand, Canada and the United States


Actually I changed my mind, can I instead get CD, Vinyl and digital Album Sales and the total number of streams and singles sales for all markets in 2017, if you can can you list them on here please?