CSPC: Michael Jackson Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 6

The album Michael was strongly rejected by fans when it came out. Called a cash-in and even a fraud on the back of conspiracy theories relating to who was actually singing on some of the songs, it suffered an incredible backlash. The surprise comes with its streaming numbers that are far from being low.

All its songs are comfortably over 2 million and Hold My Hand enjoys impressive catalog streams at over 50 million by now. Ironically, the 3 songs that fans call not legitimate from the album are all among the 5 most streamed songs from Michael, an album which adds for 103,000 equivalent album sales.

Xscape was the most shared album on Spotify during the year 2014. By then, streams were still relatively low. The record continues to get high rotation though and now all its songs are over 10 million. The leading hit is undoubtedly Love Never Felt So Good, the song recorded during the Thriller fever in 1983 has now around 200 million streams on both Spotify and YouTube. Xscape is up to 359,000 equivalent album sales.

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Jorge Neto

Hi MJD, do you have any estimate of how many albums Michael sold since his passing in 2009? According to Soundscan he sold 16.1 million albums in the US alone as of 2019, is it possible to make a worldwide figure?


some of y’all need to shut up
michael had 6 studio albums and the beatles 13
the beatles did it in 7 years and mj in 22 years

the thing is that both found their own way into their success and there’s no excuse to invalidate the other, just SHUT UPPPPP


Not to mention that Michael has actually 10 studio albums. Anyway, they’re both icons

Last edited 4 months ago by Sonique

He had 6 albums as an adult. If we don’t add
The other four albums ,they won’t affect that

Last edited 4 months ago by Suhayb

mj I a solo artist being compared to a band , I think that says enough


Just out of curiosity, there probably are good reasons, but is History the only album that is counted twice? Or are any of the other (double) albums also treated this way?


I hope this works so they could answer you soon


Why number of sales are changing?
Do they update daily?


Streams are updated daily. The EAS from streams cause movement on their sales.


Alas, the question is probably too dumb/difficult or easy for me to search for


Well disc one of history is a compilation and disc two is a studio album and disc on is certified platinum in the us but disc two is certified 8 times platinum in the us so the compilation and studio album are considered like two separate things even though they are put together.

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