CSPC: Nickelback Popularity Analysis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 4: Original Album Sales – Curb (1996)
Page 5: Original Album Sales – The State (1998)
Page 6: Original Album Sales – Silver Side Up (2001)
Page 7: Original Album Sales – The Long Road (2003)
Page 8: Original Album Sales – All the Right Reasons (2005)
Page 9: Original Album Sales – Dark Horse (2008)
Page 10: Original Album Sales – Here and Now (2011)
Page 11: Original Album Sales – No Fixed Address (2014)
Page 12: Original Album Sales – Feed the Machine (2017)
Page 13: Original Album Sales – Comments
Page 14: Physical Singles Sales
Page 15: Digital Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 16: Digital Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 17: Digital Singles Sales – Part 3
Page 18: Streaming Sales – Part 1
Page 19: Streaming Sales – Part 2
Page 20: Streaming Sales – Part 3
Page 21: Streaming Sales – Part 4
Page 22: Streaming Sales – Part 5
Page 23: Remaining Long Format
Page 24: Remaining Long Format – Summary
Page 25: BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country
Page 26: CSPC Results
Page 27: Biggest Tracks

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Very interesting article. I did not expect Nickelback to be ahead of the Spice Girls or Christina Aguilera in the CSPC list! They have very consistent sales even if they don’t seem to be successful outside the English speaking world + Germany.

You should do Chad Kroeger’s ex-wife at some point (Avril Lavigne)!


Exactly. Most of their sales comes from USA, Canada, Germany, UK and Australia. 5 of the greatest markets indeed, but not much outside them.


When you consider the fact that they have 9 studio albums and Christina produce only 5 studio albums, it really isnt a wonder how they produced more total album sales. Plus, they really make use of the booming music market from late 90s until mid 00s. They produced multiple albums back then, while Xtina produced only 2 studio albums.


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1- C.A
2- 🎄 christmas
3- Mi Reflejo
4 – Stripped

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