The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Oceania & Africa

Britney Spears

This is it! After establishing detailed figures for Britney Spears‘ albums sales in as many as 38 countries, the last 3 markets, plus combined totals and analysis, are published in this article!

Americas, Asia, Europe… expectedly, this fourth volume includes both Oceania and Africa. The former region contains two official music markets, the Australian one plus its little brother from New-Zealand. Defining Africa in terms of the music industry is much more complex though.

One of its countries has a real organization monitoring this industry which is South Africa. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe all published market figures at the IFPI at some point, but not on a regular basis.

Then there is the Middle East. Turkey is already part of the European panel of the IFPI, and has thus been treated in Part 3 of this series. Remaining countries not considered so far include Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and more.

How relevant are those markets for international singers though ? In fact, from all of them, South Africa is the only one listed on’s awards page. For this same reason this will be the only African country with Britney’s albums sales detailed. The rest of the countries will be extrapolated as per market sizes and release history.

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Britney sold 100 million equivalent albums. What matter what her haters say? She will remain the only female artist of her generation to have sold 100 million for at least ten more years. And it is possible that none female artist of her generation will ever reach it.


Mjd, Britney is the female artist of her generation (where I dont include Rihanna or Adele) who has sold more equivalent albums. I know that does not make her the most successful, but for how many more years do you think she will keep this achievement?


I hope next is the truth about Britney Spears awesome body. Hahaha. 🙂


IFPI doesn’t count every sold and I imagine you know that. Lemonade hasn’t not sold 2,2m but not 5 as her fans say. God!


Maybe the IFPI does not “Count every sold” like you said. But its one of the most credible source in the world if not the most. So you work in the music industry. Where did you get you figures, where did you get your facts? Out of thin air?


Britney’s numbers.

Baby One More Time= 30,5m
Oops! I did It Again= 24 m
In The Zone=10m
Greatest Hits MP= 6m
The Singles Collection=0,8
Femme Fatale=3,0m
Britney Jean=0,9


No. I work in music industry I know the market doesn’t follow the sells for old records. There are albums have sold more than certification telling us but again they don’t follow the sells.


I’m in the real world, actually I work in that music market world and I know what I’m talking about. Yes, Baby One More Time hasn’t sold 40 million of copies of some fans of her tell us but the album really has sold more than 30. It’s the same with Mickael Jackson, Thriller has not sold more than 100 million copies however it’s sold more than 60m of album copies. In many countries (including USA) people can buy records in supermarket and most of them aren’t considered for official music certification. For example in my shop Like A Virgin… Read more »


Britney wasnt Madonna, but she has longevity: 1998-2004. 2008-2011. Katy Perry (2008-2013). Lady Gaga (2008-2011). Christina Aguilera (1999-2003).

MJD where are you? Are you ok? We miss you!


Can you do one for TLC and Usher please


Fact is Beyoncé in her 20 year career has outsold, outgrossed, out streamed, out earned and outlasted Britney. And that’s a FACT. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it.


I know that by “Beyoncé in her 20 year career” you mean to sneak in Destiny’s Child stats but unfortunately even with her group’s sales, her album total is still inferior to Britney’s. There goes the most important bit, “outsold”. 🙁

Check your receipts before trying to shove them down people’s throats as facts.


Missy, Britney Spears first 6 albums CSPC: BOMT = 30,842 OIDIA = 22,845 Britney = 12,976 ITZ = 11,912 Blackout = 4,380 Circus = 6,930 Total = 89,885 All of Beyonce’s 6 studio albums : DIL = 15, 561 B’day = 12,585 IASF = 16,935 4 = 7,818 Beyonce = 7,902 Lemonade = 3,817 Total = 64,618 Britney’s all 9 studio albums : BOMT = 30,842 OIDIA = 22,845 Britney = 12,976 ITZ = 11,912 Blackout = 4,380 Circus = 6,930 FF= 4,251 BJ = 1,279 Glory = 709 Total = 96,124 Beyonce + DC first 9 studio albums :… Read more »


Hey Haribo, MJD updated Britney’s album sales in France and “…BOMT” is now at 720k.
Doesn’t that number remind you of someone else’s total career album sales in that country? 😉


Bey is clearly bigger than Britney. You can take into account all the streams, digital sales and physical single sales you want but the industry isn’t close to being as healthy as in 2000. From MJD – Second, it’s easy to claim Britney is the biggest of “her generation” when she started 4 years ahead of Beyoncé and released 4 more albums. What’s more, that 4 years lead happened at the all-time peak of the industy while Beyoncé started when the market started to slow down. When Dangerously In Love came out, Britney Spears had accumulated way, way more than… Read more »


Beyonce stans keep using the market excuse as if Beyonce debuted in 2010 or something. She debuted in 2003 when sales were still huge, give me a break. In 2002-2003, you had Norah Jones selling 23 million, Eminem selling 21 million, Avril Lavigne selling 17 million, Evanescence selling 16 million, Coldplay selling 14 million, etc. In 2004, Usher and Green Day were both selling 15 million, while Kelly Clarkson and Norah Jones were both selling 12 million. Fast forward 2 years later when Beyonce released B’Day, Amy Winehouse was selling 13 million, Justin Timberlake was selling 10 million, the High School… Read more »


1. Your post would have been taken more seriously had you not inflated some sales and deflated Beyoncé’s (IASF sold than 7.7 million, according to MJD). 2. Most of the artists you mentioned were – any for many, just one era – phenomens. Where are they now? What are they selling now? (Britney is lowkey pretty much in the same boat. She came and went with bubblegum pop. Her catalog stats are, as we all know, horrible.) 3. The re-release of I Am… Sasha Fierce hardly had any impact on its sales. It wasn’t promoted and nothing was released from… Read more »


If she came and went with bubblegum pop, why is Toxic her most successful song ever?

Let’s also not pretend that she’s one of the 10 greatest female digital single sellers ever; that has nothing to do with teen bubble gum pop because it’s not the same era.

Also, Britney’s Circus Tour out-grossed Beyonce’s acclaimed I…Am World Tour in 2009, at the end of the 2000s decade. Again, nothing to do with teen pop.

So when you add it all up, Britney started the decade ahead of Beyonce and finished the decade ahead of Beyonce.


Let’s also not pretend that she *isn’t one of the 10 greatest female digital single sellers ever; that has nothing to do with teen bubble gum pop because it’s not the same era.


Toxic is by no means Britney’s most successful song ever. BOMT easily is followed by Scream & Shout. Toxic is considered as Britney’s best song and is less embarrassing to listen to for lots of people. Nobody denied that Britney didn’t have success after the bubblegum pop era and she sure had success during the downloads era. But acting like the healthy state of the industry didn’t hugely helped her is beyond ridiculous. Britney finishing the 2000s ahead of Beyoncé is a joke that only Britney fans believe. Just like MJD previously said, “Circus was a nice comeback but that’s… Read more »


And Destiny’s Child just road the coatails of En Vogue, TLC, SWV and those r&b groups that paved the way for them. It’s no coincidence that they had no competition.


So Destiny’s Child count now? Make up your mind. Anyway, you cannot discredit them just like that, they are part of Beyonce’s career, like it or not. Beyonce is ahead of Britney in everything sans albums sales (and with DC sales combined, she is not far away from Britney) – singles sales, touring, respect, influence, streams, views, awards, so yes, BEYONCE IS MORE SUCCESSFUL OVERALL. Like I said, ALBUMS SALES wise, Britney is a huge flop in the digital era, no amount of essays from her fans can change that. Blackout was a huge flop. Only Circus did somewhat ok,… Read more »


Toxic is Britney Spears’ most successful song ever. The only thing BOMT has on Toxic is initial success…That’s it. (BOMT went number one in every country it charted in during the teen pop phenomenon while Toxic was still a respectable top 10 in every country it charted in during urban contemporary dominance) Toxic obliterates BOMT on Spotify and in recurrent radio plays and any other streaming format except Vevo(Solely due to BOMT’s music video) and will only continue to expand the gap. Scream & Shout is a feature; so there’s no comparison there. And like I wrote,The Circus Tour was… Read more »


Toxic is considered one of the greatest pop songs of all time and is Britney’s most successful song because it it crushes BOMT in recurrency.

If Britney sold more than Beyonce during the 2000s and grossed more on tour than Beyonce during the 2000s, then she was the biggest female pop star of the 2000s.

If were counting GLOBAL sales then we should also count GLOBAL charts.

Britney Spears has more international number ones than Beyonce and Destiny’s Child COMBINED. And combined it’s still not close. Britney has nothing else to prove.


Beyoncé numbers are inferior to Britney’s but Britney’s late records are few poor too.
Only one Beyoncé album has sold more than 10 million of copies (albums).


Sophie, Beyonce’s popularity was nothing more than the likes of Xtina but consistent. Britney at her top was the top dawg. Maybe stan was right when she said that Baby One More Time was the 2nd biggest selling album of 1999, only trailing BSB Millenium by a few hundred thousand copies. It still is no 2. Oops was no 2 best selling album of the year as well, only trailing Eminem. Beyonce never got to no 2, my feeling tells me she didnt even have a top 5 best seller in a year. She’s had mediocre album sales success albeit… Read more »


Thanks MJDangerous.
So is there a cumulative CSPC total for Britney too?