The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Oceania & Africa

Oceania – New-Zealand

The low estimate of The Singles Collection is a non-issue. As a compilation album, which charted for only 3 weeks, and with a tiny difference of 2,500 units, the gap is quite understandable and pretty irrelevant.

The strong showing of Oops is bigger news. Its #2 peak, and its 6 weeks inside the Top 10 at summer time, do not suggest enough sales to reach 3xP. Interestingly, the album debuted in NZ chart when it was already on its 5th week elsewhere. The lead single debuted at the same time as in Australia, but with a 39-30-1-3-2… run, while it went straight to number #1 in Oz. What should we understand by this? That both the album and the single were delayed in New-Zealand, and enjoyed heavy imports from neighbor countries until its local release.

Circus was also an impressive revival for Britney in this market.

Merging all the data together concludes on the following total album sales to date:

  • Baby One More Time – 50,000
  • Oops!… I did It Again – 45,000
  • Britney – 15,000
  • In The Zone – 15,000
  • Greatest Hits, My Prerogative – 25,000
  • Blackout – 10,000
  • Circus – 20,000
  • The Singles Collection – 7,500
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Your conclusion about Israel are wrong. i’m from there and there are some old data about few of her first albums sales. they are much higher if you want to know. by the way britney’s concert here was with 60,000 people in one night. and it was the biggest show ever. britney was huge in israel !!! yes the market of pirate was also huge – fake cd’s and illegal digital downloads, but still her albums sold way more! It was actually certificated. some of them are 50.000 copies.


The “Britney” album has actually sold at least 50k
since it has a certification in South Africa