The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Europe


Teen pop is big all over the Americas and Asia. Europe has been a tougher place for artists belonging to this category. Has Britney Spears‘ star power been enough to break those boundaries and make it big in a continent encouraging mostly British rock stars?

The European music scene is complex. Apart from British rockers, there is a full history of Eurodance / Europop / Britpop that ranges from original techno hits to Oasis, filling the entire spectrum from the music of Clubs to the heritage of the Beatles. Thus, Europe doesn’t really need American music. There are exceptions though, Irish people love Country music, Scandinavians appreciate folk / Americana legends, Italy is a strong place for Crooners, and Spain cherishes teen stars. If you look at big US solo stars, their success has hardly been consistent there.

Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, and Stevie Wonder all had at most one truly big era and then they were B-League sellers more than anything in Europe, requiring a lot of new albums and decades of catalog sales to accumulate great totals.

Does Britney Spears belong to this group or to the elite one made up of the European sales beasts named Michael Jackson, Madonna and Celine Dion?

To answer this question we will study a notable panel of 21 countries which includes the UK, France, Germany, Italy or Russia. Turkey is part of the list too as sales in this country are eligible for IFPI Europe Platinum Awards. There’s been too much talk already, so let’s start!

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Hi again MJD! So I just came across these certifications from Greece…

“In The Zone” got certified Gold in 2004 for 10,000 units shipped (

“Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” got certified Gold in 2004 for 10,000 units shipped (

“Circus” got certified Gold in March 2009 for 7,500 units shipped (

These certification come from the IFPI, so I assume they’re legit? What do you think about these? I find it odd that didn’t include them


Hi MJD! Really enjoyed reading through all 24 pages. Britney does have some great sales in Europe! How would you say she compares to her peers, like Xtina, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce/Destiny’s Child, Avril Lavigne, and *NSYNC?

Also, what countries will be covered in the final part of the series? Are WW totals going to be included?

Keep up the great work. 😉


Hi MJD. I was just wondering. Would you consider her sales in Europe as big as the likes as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston?


Hi MJD. I was just wondering. If you put into consideration that a lot of her albums which did well during the mid and late 00s, when the market was starting collapse. Would she have been at least as big as Mariah in Europe. Just curious.


She’s not, but she’s still much bigger than her peers


Very good results for Britney Spears in Europe and very good job from your part


Hi! How much has Britney sold in total in EU including all studio, greatest hits and remix albums? Thanks!


Wonderful. Thank you for putting all these figures together for us. The Britney Army appreciates your hard work! 🙂

Bree Van De Kamp

A long time ago this was posted on Ukmix forums, I assume it was fake as the information provided here is different

Italy albums

3x platinum
Baby one more time – 300,000

2x platinum
Oops! I did it again – 200,000
Greatest hits my prerogative – 160,000

Britney – 100,000
In the zone – 100,000

Blackout – 35,000/40,000 (depends when it got the certification)
Circus – 35,000

Do you know anything about this? And GREAT job with this part of the article!


Amazing, thanks so much 😀 Cant wait for the updated CSPC article with these new figures. When can we expect that one?


Sorry for asking again but is updated CSPC still coming? I’m anticipating to read it 😀


Hi again MJD. When you update Britney’s CSPC article, can you please add an extra page for Greatest Hits: My Prerogative? I see that a lot of figures for this compilation have changed so the breakdown you have posted under the comment section is no longer accurate.

Thanks! 🙂


Amazing job! Learning that Blackout is Britney’s biggest album in Russia made my day haha.


Oh wow, thank you so much for this, MJD! I’m very pleased to see that all of her albums have increased in Europe, with the exception of “In The Zone” and “The Singles Collection”. I always had a feeling that “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” and “Circus” were both eligible for 2x Platinum and 1x Platinum respectively, and I’m glad the figures on confirm that! Now regarding her sales, there are some very impressive results here, particularly her sales in Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, etc. Her sales in France are also very impressive compared to her peers, with even her 3rd… Read more »