CSPC: Janet Jackson Popularity Analysis

Remaining Long Format Part 2 – Music Videos

No doubt Janet Jackson sold a lot of albums and singles during her hey-days. She was proportionally even bigger in the music video format. Over the years, she issued 10 such packages, each selling 150,000 units or more.

The first five are themed as per a specific album, providing them an enjoyable comprehensive sales boost. The best example is the both of the Rhythm Nation 1814 VHS releases which moved a combined 750,000 units.

The following five releases are career-comprehensive, mostly driven by Janet. and The Velvet Rope hits. Will this be enough to push them over 20 million and 10 million, respectively, equivalent album sales once every format is factored in ?

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Is it normal that the album “Discipline” is not on her Spotify number tool? As well, do we know what’s the “official” reason for most of her music videos not being available on Youtube when everyone’s else are?…


it is possible we could get a break down on janet jacksons cspc sales by decade?


According to Twisted Brother, here are some sales for Janet. Italy – The Velvet Rope – 200,000 Janet – 125,000 Control – 100,000 Rhythm Nation – 100,000 Design of a Decade – 100,000 All For You – 60,000 Damita Jo – 10,000 20 YO – 6,000 Discipline – 5,000 Number One/The Best – 3,000 Unbreakable – 2,000 Netherlands – Control – 140,000 Janet – 140,000 The Velvet Rope – 130,000 Design of a Decade – 80,000 Rhythm Nation – 60,000 All For You – 50,000 Damita Jo – 10,000 Discipline – 6,000 20 YO – 5,000 Unbreakable – 3,000 Germany… Read more »

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