CSPC: The Beatles Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 8 – Unavailable tunes

Here is a complete list of songs that have yet to be made available on Spotify. Nothing from it is part of the group essential material – far from that, they are fillers from various interview records, live albums or whatever. They wouldn’t bring much if added. Instead, they would likely downgrade the user experience of the one who is playing in random mode on their artist page.

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Tom Riise

An update on The Beatles would be great.

Eric Williams

BFD on amount of records sold. Theres more people in the world. All these groups/people are playing because of the BEATLES. I bought my first guitar from a guys living room. I traded my flute in for an electric guitar, at Jacks Drum Shop, after Feb. 1964 when they were on Ed Sullivan. There was no Guitar Center, or anything like that. Since the BEATLES, everyone and their brother play guitar.

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