CSPC: The Beatles Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 6 – The Long and Winning Road

From Abbey Road, you can forget about Her Majesty which runs under 30 seconds and thus doesn’t trigger a count when playing it. Just like all those interludes, there is a few streams still displayed, possibly from users with a specific account or with some calculation involved.

Back to proper comments, Abbey Road blockbuster is home of absolutely massive hits, Come Together and Here Comes The Sun. The latter is the most streamed Beatles song. Combined, they account for 115 million Spotify plays. The album as a whole is fairly huge with its weakest songs on their way to break the 5 million mark soon. One more time, we can’t elude from commenting on songs length. The last six songs pre-Her Majesty total the minuscule 9 minutes 28 seconds – average of 1:34 – which boosts considerably album tracks. Nevermind, at 240,000 equivalent album sales, its results are pretty healthy.

The lead track of Let It Be is massive on its own too, up to 50 million. An additional 3 more hits are over 10 million while tracks all top 3 million. This puts Let It Be on 133,000 equivalent album sales from streaming, the 3rd highest total of the band.

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Carmen T

B est
E xciting
A mazing
T alented
L ads
E ver
S een

No wonder they are not considered one of the best groups ever, BUT THE BEST:)
Three things in this world that is precious, and we are lucky to enjoy.
The Environment, Animals, Beatles


Is it true that data from other markets such as USSR/Russia and Philippines are still needed to be added in The Beatles sales? And will you pls confirm if Long Tall Sally sales were already included in your analysis or is that part still missing?

Thank you!


MARTIN!!!!!!!! 😍😍

or MJD


No, data from those markets has been accounted for. When an update is performed, we will look to see if any additional information/knowledge has come to light, which certainly has with regards to the USSR and adjusted numbers accordingly.

Not sure what you mean, with regards to LTS.

Last edited 2 months ago by Martin

Martin, thank you 😍 🤗


What do you mean by it will probably downgrade their traditional albums? Can you please elaborate on this? Will it not increase their CSPS since sales were missing from these countries?

Thank you, MJD 😍


So the missing data would not increase their sales but to allocate them properly?

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