CSPC: Spice Girls Popularity Analysis


Exactly 20 years ago, the music industry was going through one of the most hyped eras that it had ever had. The Girl Power phenomenon was everywhere thanks to their unstoppable flagship, the iconic Spice Girls. Wannabe was concluding its run at #1 in the US, and the album Spice was on its way to climbing the top of the album chart as well. In the UK, both the album and the single Mama / Who Do You Think You Are? were dominating, the latter being their fourth #1 hit in their native country. Less than a year prior they were unknown. This was the Spice Girls – an utterly massive, dominant, group from the very first day.

As usual – we already met the case with the Beatles or ABBA – when a music act destroys the charts like no one else myths quickly start surrounding it them. Some are true, others aren’t. Their countless #1s were all over the place, as were their record breaking sales in each field – album, singles and videos. The legend tells that the Spice album sold over 30 million units while Spiceworld moved 22 million, while the group as a whole set a mark of 85 million physical records sold. As you can guess, this includes a fair share of exaggeration. With the Spice Girls, the case is quite easy in reality – all their official album sales are known and you will be finding them right here. As they did well in various formats, we need to check the complete picture to accurately rate their success.

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge their results. The concept will not only bring you sales information for all the Spice Girls’ albums, physical singles, download singles, and music videos and streaming, but it will also accurately weight all this information to conclude their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC idea, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend you check it out before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to get straight into the figures. Let’s go!

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According to the in-house receipts by November 1997, Spice was 7xP in New Zealand. How do you estimate it at 75.000?Besides, the in-house award don’t include VHS sales since it showed 10xP in UK while the alum certified 10xP by August 1997 and the VHS shipped 500k by June 1997 in UK.If it included VHS sales, the awards for UK should be at 12xP by then.


Wasn’t Spice only certified 1xP in NZ officially?


So the 1xP official certification don’t tell anything for it was only 15k.


By March 1997, Spice sold 718.432 copies in Japan. Oricon sales for Spice was 490k. In Japan imports already have exact numbers in 1997? Wasn’t it unavailable until 2002?


Since you said that 1xP=50k in Thailand back in 90s, then Spice was 4xP=200k while you estimated it at 185k. I think Thailand is a weak VHS markets that VHS sold close to nothing lol.


But I know it is in-house awards, not official awards, but it didn’t make it false.It still can tell that In Japan Spice sold 800.000


So you mean Spice(Album) sold nothing since Nov.1997 while you estimated it at 750.000?Did the VHS topped 100.000 mark in Japan?


Isn’t 2.98m OCC sales exclude clunb sales?


I’ve never seen “creat an account” on this site…


It was available through Britannia, here are the shipments I have for Spice between release and 2006. YEAR — RETAIL — CLUB — TOTAL 1996 — 1,530,655 — 2,749 — 1,533,404 1997 — 1,518,676 — 154,094 — 1,672,770 1998 — 66,282 — 41,636 — 107,918 1999 — 7,921 — 8,844 — 16,765 2000 — 14,263 — 1,431 — 15,694 2001 — 962 — 679 — 1,641 2002 — 802 — 203 — 1,005 2003 — 0 — 81 — 81 2004 — 2,292 — 128 — 2,420 2005 — 3,584 — 39 — 3,623 2006 — 889 — 5 —… Read more »


Unfortunately not, those are the only figures I have the Spice Girls.


Hi!the VHS shipped 500k by June 1997, and the album shipped 3m by August 1997. It is impossible to equal to 10xP in UK by November 1997.


I mean the in-house certifications…I don’t understand you


Wasn’t the album offcially certified 10xP by August 1997 by BPI?By June 1997, the VHS already shipped 500k in UK acc to Billboard.


Spice is 1xP in Israel, which equals to 40.000, right?


acc to this


EMI confirmed Spice sold 18m by Nov. 1997, so 1m sold/shipped for the VHS. 4xP=800.000/19*18≈750.000.


You are complete wrong. First of all you put all the number combinated as a continental number but don’t include all countries. There are a lot more countries in America or Asia, even in Europe. Also there is no numbers from Africa, they were huge in South Africa, for example.
I am from Brazil and Forever sold 100.000 copies here and got Gold certification, Forever was so big here that Spice and Spice World got back to the charts, Holler was incredible insane here.
I really don’t agree with you.


When it comes to physical and digital sales, you have Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls at the same amount. Which group sold more?

Marcus André

I think you are wrong. CDs/LPs never were returned or destroyed here in Brazil, after the 80s. But I don’t want to go on with this fact. You made a very good work here, and I appreciate that. Thank You! 😉