CSPC: Christina Aguilera Popularity Analysis


While watching a group of teenagers on the Mickey Mouse Club way back in 1993, nobody would have guessed that four of them, Justin TimberlakeBritney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling, would be superstars two decades later. It just happened. Following the foot steps of the former which got big along with N’Sync boys band, the two blonde girls both arrived in the Pop Music scene in 1998 / 1999 with a huge #1 hit, instantly drawing attention and creating the perfect rivalry story for gossip magazines.

If recent struggles of both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera moved away public eyes on other new popular singers a la Taylor Swift or Adele, the battle was fierce for several years between both artists and even stronger within’ their respective fan bases. One has more US #1 albums, the other has more #1 singles. The latter has the biggest UK album, yet the first has the biggest global seller. With valid arguments both sides, it becomes hard to accurately define which one was the biggest. The only thing which remained safe up to now is that from their debut to 2004 they both recorded an impressive string of hits.

Now, we will fully clarify the situation setting Christina Aguilera overall popularity from her self-titled debut until her last effort Lotus.

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge the diva results. The concept will not only bring you raw data of all Christina Aguilera albums, physical singles, download singles, music videos and streaming, it will also accurately weight all this information to conclude on meaningful popularity indicators. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC idea, the next page explains it with a short video, I fully recommend you to check it before getting into sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to jump to the following pages. Let’s go!

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To teen_pop

Britney selling more than Christina despite having less airplay in 1999-2000 only proves further that Brit was bigger. I don’t know why you think this is in Christina’s favor. It’s not. You’re literally admitting that Christina was selling less despite having more exposure through radio. It only makes Britney’s sales look more impressive. People hearing Christina frequently on the radio and not buying her music proves that people weren’t as interested in her music.


Because radio play will never be more important than album sales.*

My question was serious. MJD, why Britney hadnt a top 5 in radio during her peak, and Christina Aguilera, whose music was teen pop too, had various number one? Maybe, Britney music wasnt so demanded in radio as Christina music?


Firstly, your comment about Christina Aguilera’s debut album not releasing singles has been pretty much disproven. Her debut album released 3 singles (one platinum, 2 gold) in the US while Britney’s debut album still had two platinum selling singles in the US. If Christina gets her debut album certified diamond it would be well over 20 years after its debut while Britney’s album was certified diamond literally in 1999. As for the radio play, Christina had some of her songs cross over to other Billboard charts. (Obviously 3 other singles from Britney’s debut album weren’t released in the US) And,… Read more »


My question is very interesting and is for MJD. I dont understand why Baby one more time or Oops I Did It Again, the biggest hits of Briney in her peak, werent big in airplay. The banned
was in 2001-2003, not 1998-2000.


Billboard posted an article and had her US album sales at around 18 million and US single sales around 40 million. Are you sure this is right? They have her debut at 8 million sold and when you add catalog sales in it’s at 9 million, so do you honestly think she only sold around 3 million more worldwide?


Great sales! She sold more than Lady Gaga or Spice Girls. If Britney sold more than her was because she released a lot of albums during her best years. And she still is young. She can get a big comeback. She deserves. She is the biggest voice in the industry and she is smart. She only need beeing ambitius again.


If Britney sold more it’s because she was more popular than Christina and their debut albums completely prove it. I see people say that everybody was getting diamond albums during that time to try to reduce Britney’s accomplishments but Christina was blatantly the second most popular artist during that time and had zero diamond certified albums. If her debut went diamond then that would lessen Britney’s accomplishments, but it didn’t. And without Britney’s music videos (which were her idea) during the TRL era neither album goes diamond so she’s just as responsible for their diamond status as Max Martin. People… Read more »


If Cristina had not physically released her singles, as used to do Britney to sell more albums, she would also have a diamond album. In fact, Christina Aguilera album is almost platinum.
And she was more popular than Britney, because she had more airplay and hits. In Usa. I know that Britney was more popular worldwide.


Xtina only had better peaks on the BB Hot 100 because Britney didn’t release most of her singles physically. BOMT sold 14.2 million, CA sold 9.5 million. That gap (4.7 million) is bigger than Stripped’s sales. Xtina was not bigger than Britney in the US, at ALL.


Well the lead single “…Baby One More Time” was released as a single in the US just as “Genie in a Bottle” was. And the other single she released in the US from that album, “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart”, was certified platinum, unlike “Come on Over” or What a Girl Wants, which were each certified gold. Britney released two singles in the US from her debut album while Christina released three singles in the US from her debut album. That is not some colossal difference. If you added the total sales from the singles released in the… Read more »


However, If Britney was more popular, ¿why she didnt get a top 3 in radio during baby or oops? Christina had three. No doubt, the audience (the general public) preferred to listen to Christina.


The general public also preferred buying Britney’s music. People spending their hard earned money on your music >>> airplay.


Radio wants audience, no? It wants which public wants


Sales will always be more important than airplay no matter how hard you reach or try to re-write history. Britney was much bigger and popular than Xtina in the US (and everywhere). End of.


And then, radio ejecutives were silly. And Billboard, where Cristina was the artist of the year, too.

Why are you discrediting radio radio airplay? Radio airplay is so important as streaming. Radio airplay= popularity. Billboard are agree with me.


MJD, you are the expert. If Britney was the most popular, why she hadnt a top 5 in radio, while Christina had 3 number one?


I think Christina’s accomplishment is already amazing and I am not trying to discredit her achievement. But why do you keep on comparing US chart runs alone? Look at their worldwide single sales and chart runs. Christina cant compete against Britney unless she’s doing collaboration with big artists such as Adam Levine and Pitbull. Britney also makes Christina’s album sales looks like amateur. She sold twice as much as her US sales and on an international level she outsold her almost 3 times more. Do you seriously think Xtina is as big as Britney at her peak?


Because in Britney’s peak her singles werent being promoted as they generated low sales. Her albums were being purchased instead and that why she is so huge there where as Christina falls very far behind


Because radio play will never be more important than album sales.


“If Britney sold more than her was because she released a lot of albums during her best years” Actually, BOMT + OIDIA alone have sold way more than Xtina’s entire discography including her greatest hits. Also…. France …Baby One More Time – 675,000 Christina Aguilera – 75,000 Stripped – 140,000 Back To Basics – 130,000 Keeps Getting Better: A Decade Of Hits – 30,000 Bionic – 15,000 Burlesque – 5,000 Lotus – 5,000 = 400,000 Germany Oops!… I Did It Again – 1,025,000 Christina Aguilera – 175,000 Stripped- 425,000 Back To Basics – 235,000 Keeps Getting Better: A Decade Of… Read more »


Thats is FALSE

Stripped : 11.5M
Back To Basics : 5.5M

Bionic ok, Burlesque ok, Lotus ok


Are you trying to say the IFPI is false?


Do Pink please!


Hi MJD! I know Miley Cyrus is from another generation, but I believe she’s the best selling artist born in the 1990s (or it might be Bieber), so her career should be interesting to study at one point!


Why you dont count youtube streams, as billboard?


Where is Mi Reflejo, her spanish album?


Great work. Would love to see Michael Jackson + Jackson 5/The Jacksons total results!

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