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    The list of most successful songs is compiled in album equivalent sales generated by each of them. It includes the song’s own physical singles sales with a 0,3 weighting, its download and streaming sales with appropriate weighting too plus its share among sales of all albums on which it is featured.

    1 1992 – I Will Always Love You [The Bodyguard] – 33,620,000
    2 1987 – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) [Whitney] – 19,630,000
    3 1992 – I Have Nothing [The Bodyguard] – 11,570,000
    4 1985 – How Will I Know [Whitney Houston] – 11,350,000
    5 1985 – Greatest Love of All [Whitney Houston] – 7,730,000
    6 1985 – Saving All My Love for You [Whitney Houston] – 5,320,000
    7 1998 – My Love Is Your Love [My Love Is Your Love] – 4,940,000
    8 1990 – All the Man That I Need [I’m Your Baby Tonight] – 4,930,000
    9 1990 – I’m Your Baby Tonight [I’m Your Baby Tonight] – 4,420,000
    10 1998 – When You Believe [My Love Is Your Love] – 4,010,000
    11 1992 – Run to You [The Bodyguard] – 3,490,000
    12 1992 – I’m Every Woman [The Bodyguard] – 2,840,000
    13 1998 – It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay [My Love Is Your Love] – 2,810,000
    14 1987 – Didn’t We Almost Have It All [Whitney] – 2,220,000
    15 1996 – I Believe in You and Me [The Preacher’s Wife] – 2,170,000
    16 1996 – Step by Step [The Preacher’s Wife] – 1,860,000
    17 1987 – Where Do Broken Hearts Go [Whitney] – 1,830,000
    18 1985 – You Give Good Love [Whitney Houston] – 1,770,000
    19 1987 – So Emotional [Whitney] – 1,500,000
    20 1998 – Heartbreak Hotel [My Love Is Your Love] – 1,340,000

    If you feel inspired by this list, we just created this CSPC Whitney Houston playlist on Spotify!

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    can you give a break up of IWALY 33M EAS?

    Ultimate Master

    MJD, If Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack wasn’t included in Whitney’s Albums, can you still have study on it at least?

    Kanye best

    You mean to tell me she didn’t sell anything in africa. When she had 3 successful concerts in africa??


    Where is it stated she sold nothing in Africa exactly? 😉

    Kanye best

    Well where are her sales for africa then?


    They’re just now shown in the breakdown but they are taken into account. Africa + Middle Eastern sales should be around 1.6m


    The ‘Whitney’ album has finally gone diamond! The first African American artist to ever have 3 diamond albums in the US

    Stephon Jackson

    This needs to be updated. I know for a fact she has sales in Africa!!

    Love Whitney

    Please update Whitney’s discography. We wait for so long


    Her appeal in Europe surprises me. 40 million albums sold there is very impressive. Even during her most R&B era “My Love Is Your Love,” that album sold an impressive 4 million copies in Europe.

    Her latest hit “Higher Love” did best in Europe and was a true hit for her. Europeans have stayed loyal to Whitney no matter what.

    Stephon Jackson

    This needs to be updated. I know for a fact she has sales in Africa.

    john ling

    Higher love sold more than 2 million in 2019.. it is still in UK chart on it’s 47th week. Her Ultimate album is in the top 40 again in UK after what 7- 8 yrs in the chart? it is gonna be 6x platinum in us soon, Whitney’s second album will be diamond in US soon, I read somewhere only less than 50k needed to be certified 10x platinum . and her first album is almost 14x olatinum if that happens, whitney will have 3 diamond albums. This is from world music 1994 award whitney was the biggest selling female… Read more »

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