France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 7 (20-1)

#16 – 16,000 UNITS

Suprême NTM – Suprême NTM (1998) : 1,045,000

As cult as it may be, Suprême NTM eponymous album results are incredible. The record, which is home to both rap classics Ma B*nz and Laisse Pas Traîner Ton Fils, is getting bigger and bigger as year pass. Its 41 charted weeks in 2016 in the Catalog Chart were spread over every month except December – well, let’s be honest, Suprême NTM isn’t the most Christmassy record. Nevermind, there is no need of the holiday season to do well after such an impressive run all year long, which concludes into 16,000 units sold.

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Are the French really that open to English language artist? I thought France is a really tough market to break into. But seems like they are very open indeed.


Hi MJD! Love your updates on the best selling albums in France.

I want to ask whether there are new addition to the list of million selling albums in France. One example is Adele’s 25 album. Is it close to the million threshold? Other albums i remember close to that mark are AC/DC Highway to Hell, a couple of Sade albums etc. Have they surpassed 1 million copies in France?

Looking forward for your next project!

hermelin jean-raymond

Bonjour MJD,avez-vous les chiffres de vente réactualisés sur Led Zeppelin aux USA mais aussi en G-B SVP ? Ou sinon connaissez-vous des liens vers des sites fiables ? Merci par avance.Vous faites un job extraordinaire,bonne journée.JRH06.

Trond Grønvold

You’re doing a good job. I love reading this stuff.

But, I’n curious when IT comes to Crime of the century. how many albums was sold in France last year?
Crime entered back catalogue top-100 at least 12 times.