France Album Sales: Mylène Farmer

Interstellaires (2015) Era


This is just how ridiculous the situation got. That is the beginning of Interstellaires lead single run, Stolen Car a duet with legendary singer Sting. To milk again and again and again her insanely dedicated fans, it wasn’t enough to release tons of live, compilation or remix albums, Polydor went on to issue every single record in 3, 4, 5 editions or more. Although physical singles weren’t even released anymore by 2015, Stolen Car was re-issued several times within’ a few months. Each time, it performed a huge climb on charts, before dropping just as impressively. As it wasn’t enough, more remixes of the song were released, charting on their own they got three more such jumps.

The run of the second single was even more absurd with a drop out of the Top 200 a mere three weeks after being #1.

The album, Interstellaires, expectedly started at #1. Just as expectedly, it went on a downward spiral right after that start. It scanned 320,000 units to date. We can note that even fans buying’s are started to lose ground even if that happens at a very slow rate. In fact, some 15 years after the last successful era, all her albums are still selling that much, which in itself is the perfect trademark of her absolutely incredible impact among her fans.

Most Streamed Track on Spotify
  1. Stolen Car – 2,635,000
  2. C’Est Pas Moi – 363,000
  3. A Rebours – 298,000

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What a very consistent result. Especially given the fact that she takes a long time to release each studio albums. I was just wondering about her sales in Canada. Was she huge there?


Oh wow. Very surprising. I thought she would’ve been massive in at least Quebec.


It’s because contrarily to Cabrel and Bruel, Farmer never really tried to promote herself in Quebec


OMG big fan of Mylene here.. I’ve always wondered how she marketed herself and stayed relevant all these years especially 2006 onward as not much controversy has been issued from her-probably her loyal fans. But I was wondering if you could do an analysis on her former protege Alizee. Her debut single/ album was monster and her sophomore album did pretty fine but when she left the Farmer/ boutonnat machine- it was pretty much over.


scratch that with Alizee-actually please do an analysis of Laurent Boutonnat- it seems as every French artist he in a sense creates turned to gold – Mylene, Nathalie Cardone, Alizee…



Okay, thank you for all these explanations.



Mylene Farmer has sold 2.5-3 million albums for export? I would have thought 1.5-2 million.


it is safe to say that she is the 2nd best selling female in france after celine dion right?
btw off the top of your head how many male singers sold more than celine in france? i assume johnny hallyday, jean jacques goldman for sure, anyone else?


yes i was referring to albums and i thought of cabrel and sardou but didn’t think they would be close or in sardou’s case way ahead. i need to look at sardou’s discography closer. i can’t wait for their sales in france posts.
man your work is fantastic, for anyone who loves numbers and putting numbers in perspective, this is heaven!!


i wonder where artists like piaf, mathieu and dalida figure there.


These articles are great. Thank you so much. Concerning the quantity of albums sold worldwide, I heard like 30 mio. Correct, possible ?


Amazing work ! Thank you very much !
Just curious : how much time do you spend on an article like this one ?


Hi dear MJD !!!

Congratulations again for the website and also for the analysis carried for France Album Sales of Mylène Farmer.
Then I would like to know if this week you analyze some singer or group, maybe you will analyze the CSPC of the Rolling Stones !!!


Of course dear MJD, I believe will be analized one of Drake, Sia, Alicia Keys and Robbie Williams. Then I’m interested in all the artists that you analyze, it is true, I have my preferences for the groups and for the music of the 60 ‘, 70’, 80 ‘ but I am a lover of records sold for each artist as their own you !!!