CSPC: Alicia Keys Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales

Just like every other act from her generation, Alicia Keys got big when physical single sales went weak. Her breakthrough hit Fallin’ is pretty much the only exception to this fact as it enjoyed some solid sales in continental Europe. After No One era physical singles were truly dead. In total, the American pianist still sold 3,7 million units in this format which ain’t bad considering this abysmal market context.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Songs in A Minor (2001) – 525,000 equivalent albums

A Woman’s Worth – 150,000
Fallin’ – 1,500,000
Girlfriend – 50,000
How Come You Don’t Call Me – 50,000

The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003) – 96,000 equivalent albums

If I Ain’t Got You – 175,000
Karma – 25,000
You Don’t Know My Name – 120,000

As I Am (2007) – 135,000 equivalent albums

No One – 375,000
Like You’ll Never See Me Again & Superwoman & Teenage Love Affair – 75,000

The Element of Freedom (2009) – 15,000 equivalent albums

All Singles – 50,000

Orphan Album – 336,000 equivalent albums

My Boo – 500,000
Gangsta Lovin’ – 450,000
Brotha Part II – 20,000
Another Way to Die – 50,000
Empire State of Mind – 50,000
Remaining Singles – 50,000

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Now..what is Jennifer Lopez doing there lmaoo


Thank You for placing the CSPC totals before the summary of the album sales! That way anyone with either mobile or PC can look at the CSPC totals unlike before.