CSPC: ABBA Popularity Analysis

Part 2 – Global Compilations II  – Golden ones


Here comes Gold! The hyper-mega selling album now stands at an outstanding 34 million and still climbing. Outside of North America, it is quite simply one of the Top 3 best selling albums ever. As the ultimate ABBA compilation, the track list of Gold represents very well the distribution of their hits attractiveness. Arrival is the leading generator of sales with a huge 8,8 million but what impresses more is how equally spread is that appeal with ABBA, The Album, Voulez-Vous and Super Trouper all representing from 11% to 16% of the package weight. Thus, all plus Orphan album on the back of Fernando and Gimme!… contributing in 3,5 million to 5,5 million sales of Gold.

The pattern of More ABBA Gold is obviously much different as it features tracks not present on Gold, while Forever Gold combines both, which is why it counts each album on its own. More ABBA Gold tally of 3,1 million itself includes half a million units from Gold 40th Anniversary Edition.

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Johnny be Good

Any estimation on “Voyage” ?


“even becoming Australian biggest selling album ever at the time” should be “Australia’s”
“It hasn’t break records in Germany” should be “It hasn’t BROKEN records”.
I take it that this is not an native English-speaking site?


“I take it this is not an native English speaking site”, should be “…a native…”

Yes, though, English is not the native tongue used, in the majority of articles.

Last edited 5 months ago by Martin

“They haven’t quite stop there”
Should be “stopped” (not stop). Need a proof-reader! ;-0


Is it me or was much more expected from their studio albums???


All of their studio albums must be about 50 million sales.


Where are you getting this number from?


El álbum Voulez Vouz aquí tiene 578.000 ventas en streams, pero en Most streamed albums (all-time) aparece con más de 800.000.000 streams en spotify, así que supongo que hay error en uno de los números.

Last edited 10 months ago by jt1916