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Physical Singles Sales

You will have a hard time to get a country were ABBA failed to achieve at least one #1 single. Yes, they did it even in the US thanks to Dancing Queen. In most countries, their count of #1 singles was closer to 10 than 1 yet. Although the band lasted less than a decade, their string of smashes was incredibly impressive and served to amass some 54,4 million physical singles sold in the process.

Arrival is the album that had the lowest number of singles released with three only, but all three were huge bringing the huge tally of 3,3 million album sales equivalent. From Waterloo to Super Trouper all their albums produced enough singles sales to equal more than 1 million albums units.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Ring Ring (1973) – 150,000 equivalent albums

Ring Ring – 400,000
Remaining Singles – 100,000

Waterloo (1974) – 1,230,000 equivalent albums

Waterloo – 2,900,000
Honey, Honey – 1,150,000
Hasta Mañana – 50,000

ABBA (1975) – 1,935,000 equivalent albums

So Long – 250,000
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do – 1,650,000
SOS – 2,500,000
Mamma Mia – 1,900,000
Rock Me – 150,000

Arrival (1976) – 3,315,000 equivalent albums

Dancing Queen – 5,350,000
Money, Money, Money –
Knowing Me, Knowing You –

The Album (1977) – 1,980,000 equivalent albums

The Name Of The Game – 2,600,000
Take A Chance On Me – 3,300,000
Eagle / Thank You For The Music – 600,000
Thank You For The Music – 100,000

Voulez-Vous (1979) – 2,550,000 equivalent albums

Chiquitita – 4,000,000
Does You Mother Know? – 1,600,000
Voulez-Vous – 1,400,000
Angeleyes – 200,000
I Have A Dream – 1,300,000

Super Trouper (1980) – 1,830,000 equivalent albums

The Winner Takes It All – 2,400,000
On And On And On – 300,000
Super Trouper – 2,900,000
Lay All Your Love On Me – 500,000

The Visitors (1981) – 780,000 equivalent albums

One Of Us – 1,400,000
When All Is Said And Done – 500,000
Head Over Hills – 500,000
The Visitors – 200,000

Orphan Album – 2,550,000 equivalent albums

Fernando – 4,100,000
Summer Night City – 1,000,000
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! – 2,500,000
The Day Before You Came – 600,000
Under Attack – 300,000

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How many copies of ” Voyage ” sold?

Johnny be Good

Any estimation on “Voyage” ?


Voyage sold 2.5 million copies as of Nov 2022. According to IFPI, it was the second best selling album in the world for 2021 (Adele’s 30 was the year’s best seller).

Voyage was the best selling album of 2021 in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Belgium, the third best seller of the year in the UK and 10th best seller of 2021 in Australia



“even becoming Australian biggest selling album ever at the time” should be “Australia’s”
“It hasn’t break records in Germany” should be “It hasn’t BROKEN records”.
I take it that this is not an native English-speaking site?


“I take it this is not an native English speaking site”, should be “…a native…”

Yes, though, English is not the native tongue used, in the majority of articles.

Last edited 7 months ago by Martin

“They haven’t quite stop there”
Should be “stopped” (not stop). Need a proof-reader! ;-0


Is it me or was much more expected from their studio albums???


All of their studio albums must be about 50 million sales.


Where are you getting this number from?


El álbum Voulez Vouz aquí tiene 578.000 ventas en streams, pero en Most streamed albums (all-time) aparece con más de 800.000.000 streams en spotify, así que supongo que hay error en uno de los números.

Last edited 1 year ago by jt1916