CSPC: Enrique Iglesias Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales

Enrique Iglesias doesn’t really belong to the boom era in physical singles sales total. By the time he started his career and made it big across the world, singles sales were no longer a relevant format.

Considering all that, his almost 10 million sold works out to be quite a huge amount, once everything is considered.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Enrique Iglesias (1995) – 60,000   equivalent albums

Si Tú Te Vas
Experiencia Religiosa
Other singles from Enrique Iglesias (album)

Vivir (1997) – 60,000   equivalent albums

Enamorado Por Primera Vez
Other singles from Vivir

Cosas Del amor (1998) – 30,000   equivalent albums

Nunca Te Olvidaré

Enrique (1999) – 1,050,000  equivalent albums

Bailamos – 1,750,000
Be With You – 700,000
Could I Have This Kiss Forever – 1,000,000
Sad Eyes – 50,000

Escape (2001) – 930,000 equivalent albums

Hero – 2,000,000
Escape – 800,000
Don’t Turn Of The Lights – 100,000
Other singles – 200,000

Quizás (2002) – 75,000  equivalent albums

Para Qué La Vida

7 (2003) – 180,000  equivalent albums

Addicted – 200,000
Not In Love – 400,000

Insomniac (2007) – 165,000   equivalent albums

Do You Know – 150,000
Tired Og Being Sorry – 400,000

Euphoria (2010) – 30,000   equivalent albums

Total singles – 100,000

Sex And Love (2014) –  0 equivalent albums

Total singles – 0 (no physical singles released)

 Orphan Album – 90,000  equivalent albums

Takin’ Back My Love – 100,000
Other physical singles – 200,000

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You are ignoring Enrique !! The newspapers have not been updated since 2016 !! And all its numbers are old!!!!

Asher Salvatore

Actually Including Singles his worldwide sales rise upto 160m+ or some!!!

Cuz he has sold 40m “SINGLE” in 2010s alone and im talking about Certified units only!!! Lords know under the table ones


I think you didn’t saw the complete article. He has 33,9 million studio albums sold + 5,3 compilation albums sold +49 million digital singles sold + 3,4 million records with equivalent streaming = He sold around 91 million copies worldwide.

Asher Salvatore

Ummmm, thats an old news bro…. 220!!!
Only bailando alone sold 8 million!!! In 2014
And its 2020 now!!!
Each of his new song has hundreds of streams on Spotify!!!


streming sales mean almost nothing in the total, when someone reach 750 million views it translate to 500,000 copies.

Asher Salvatore

Well im trying so hard to not to be disrespectful!!!.
But lmao “150 streams on Spotify equals to 1 sale” lmaooo
Therefore as example ”
Duele El Corazon” has
(448m) streams on Spotify
(Not including) Apple Streams
(not including) Shazam or deezer
(Not Incuding) Digital dowloads

On the rate of 150 steams per 1 sale!!
484m. Steams = 3.2million sales!!!
And thats “ONLY” his Spotify sale!
So lmaooo piss off!!.

Get ur facts right!!! Rather than deciving people just to look smart

Asher Salvatore

Thank you brother for all you’ve given!! Im a Huge Enrique Iglesias fan!! Since i was 9!!

I wanted to ask is there any chance that u may update these records in future!?
Cuz now ech of his song has 2wice streams on Spotify!! For example

bailando = 650
El perdon = 550
Duele el corazon = 480
(New) Subeme La Radio = 490
2nite im lovin u = 120
I like it = 100
Hero = 159


Could you make Toni Braxton please


I would love to see an article about his father, Julio Iglesias. His discography is very broad and he has records in many languages, but I know that his sales are very inflated. It would be interesting to discover if he is truly the most successful Latin artist. Maybe his son is bigger than him.


I have a friend who works in Sony Music!The numbers are correct!


Yes, all fanatics have great friends on labels who provide them fanciful numbers. The funny part is that Enrique has released albums for FonoVisa, Universal, Interscope, but I suppose Sony have hteir numbers too. Unless you can provide receipts, which you can’t considering how ludicrous your figures are, there is no point in spreading nonsense here. Compilations aren’t missing, they are simply listed on compilations section. I also moved your dozen of spam messages posted in like 5 minutes to trash. We can also see IPs, so no point either in creating multiple nicknames as you did. Basically, stop trolling.… Read more »

Asher Salvatore

Hes a gawd!! 😍😍

Asher Salvatore

Its Amazing how someone can maintain popularity and sucess for almost 25 years!!!!

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