Destroying Myths: Fake 10 million sellers Part #2

ABBA – Super Trouper (1980)

Claimed Sales – 16,500,000
Estimated Sales – 8,200,000

Here comes the Swedish superstars again! Their four 1976 to 1980 studio albums are often claimed to be over 10 million, but indeed only Arrival achieved that mark.

The last one of this run of very successful albums is Super Trouper. This one climbed as high as 375,000 units sold in Netherlands, arguably one of the very best selling albums ever up to that point in the country. Elsewhere, it is maybe the only ABBA album with a sales distribution more standard. It topped the million mark in each the US, the UK and Germany, sold a massive 600,000 copies in Sweden, was big in Argentina or Japan but not as huge as its predecessor yet. It pretty much did close to their best but not their best in all countries.

Once again, the fact that ABBA group places three albums in this listing shouldn’t underestimate their selling power. Each of those three sets was among the top sellers of its decade in several relevant markets.

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Please do one for Aaliyah’s self titled album!! Her fans are delusional and think it sold 13M copies when it hasn’t even sold 1M in the UK lol………Infact, none of her albums have sold 1M pure copies in the UK.

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Anthony Blanchard

Hi A&R!
Here is our analysis about Aaliyah’s career:


I have only just seen your article, but felt I needed to post this. It relates to Iron Butterfly. Firstly, there was ONLY Gold certification before 1976. If an album sold 500 000 copies in the US< it was Gold. Period. The "Platinum" award was indeed the first such award given to an album. But it was by the record label. It signified that the album had sold TEN MILLION units. This was in 1969. Obviously, nobody has ever claimed that NO album had sold one million units before. That would be absurd. In the early 70's Iron Butterfly basically… Read more »


False about Nelly Furtado’s loose. At the end of 2007, the album has sold 7.6 million copies WW but this album’s sales were updated in 2009 or 2010 and according to a press release, this album sold over 12 million copies WW. Also this album isn’t selling less than a JT or Beyonce album, if not they all sold about the same


Beyonce’s 11m was by label but as ‘records'(including single and others). but some fans didn’t know the difference and post it as the album sold 11m. lol
I love to see your break down on the album.


I am curious about best selling soundtracks worldwide. Hope you will cover that in one of your next posts. Great job, thanks!


who is brandys Never Say Never Album?


Nice work MJD! However, I want to point out that you already mentioned Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope (page 10) on your first Fake 10 million sellers post.

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