CSPC: U2 Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales

U2 became huge all over the world at a time of relatively low singles sales, so their physical titles didn’t quite reach the heights managed by other big selling acts. This results in huge albums sales, but not so much for their physical singles.

That said, their 20 million physical singles sold overall are nothing to feel shy of. On the contrary, it is pretty strong given the circumstances.

The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and Rattle & Hum generated the most sales. From 1993 onwards, we see a natural decline.

Boy (1980) – 75,000  equivalent albums

I Will Follow – 200,000
A Day Without Me 
– 50,000

October (1981) – 75,000  equivalent albums

Gloria – 150,000
Fire & A Celebration 
– 100,000

War (1983) – 330,000  equivalent albums

New Year’s Day – 500,000
Two Heart Beat As One 
– 200,000
Sunday Bloody Sunday 
– 400,000

The Unforgettable Fire (1984) – 420,000  equivalent albums

Pride – 900,000
The Unforgettable Fire 
– 500,000

The Joshua Tree (1987) – 1,215,000 equivalent albums

With Or Without You – 1,750,000
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 
– 1,250,000
Where The Streets Have No Name 
– 650,000
In God’s Country & One Tree Hill 
– 400,000

Rattle And Hum (1988) – 870,000 equivalent albums

Desire – 1,300,000
Angel Of Harlem 
– 600,000
All I Want Is You 
– 600,000
When Love Comes To Town 
– 400,000

Achtung Baby (1991) – 1,215,000  equivalent albums

The Fly – 900,000
Mysterious Ways – 1,000,000
One – 1,250,000
Even Better Than The Real Thing – 600,000
Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – 300,000

Zooropa (1993) – 315,000  equivalent albums

Numb – 250,000
Lemon – 200,000
Stay – 600,000

Pop (1997) – 675,000  equivalent albums

Discotheque – 1,250,000
Starring At The Sun – 500,000
Last Night On Earth, Please, If God Will Send His Angels & Mofo 
– 500,000

All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000) – 555,000  equivalent albums

Beautiful Day – 900,000
Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of 
– 450,000
Walk On & Elevation 
– 500,000

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2004) – 255,000 equivalent albums

Vertigo – 450,000
All Because Of You, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own & City Of Blinding Lights – 400,000

No Line On The Horizon (2009) – 30,000 equivalent albums

Get On Your Boots – 50,000
Magnificent & I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight 
– 50,000

Songs Of Innocence (2014) – 0 equivalent albums

No physical singles

Orphan Album – 735,000 equivalent albums

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me – 1,500,000
Miss Sarajevo – 500,000
Other singles – 250,000

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hey mjd,please give us Total Album (all types) Sales per Country


Songs Of Experience is 330,631 EAS, I think it must be correct


between The Joshua Tree (super deluxe) and The Joshua Tree remastered from 2007 there is an extra song that is Where The Streets Have No Name- single edit / remastered 2007 which has 3,259,433 streams: then I think that after just 5 years the article on U2 should be updated since in 2016 they released Innocence + Experience: Live in Paris (DVD) and in 2017 they released their latest album Songs of Experience, so maybe thanks to their last released material reached 200 million equivalent albums sold.
I hope you answer me !!

Last edited 11 months ago by Antonio

I am still waiting for someone from your staff to answer me, I think I have made an excellent reflection or question


What are the chances that U2 will break through the 500 ASR barrier in the near future?

This is obviously dependent on how well they are doing compared to Michael Jackson as the bench mark?


Hi Smiley!

It depends on many factors so it’s difficult to tell. They grow about 2.7 million streams a day compared to Jackson’s 4.5 million. With features, the gap is a bit higher. Since Jackson does so on the back of a shorter discography, it means both his CSPC and equivalent discography sales are climbing fairly faster, so I wouldn’t expect U2 to get closer to him on ASR, at least not without new albums.


Hi was wondering if I could please get a breakdown of the best of 1980-1990 album country by country, like it is done for the studio albums . Thanks


this needs an update with a biggest tracks page


Update U2’s CSPC with “Songs of Experience” album released 2017!


Give us CSPC for another famous irish rock star…………..VAN MORRISON!


And here i would love to see biggest tracks list. It would be great if you can do it like it is for RHCP or Metallica with Stones, Zeppelin, U2.

Anthony Blanchard

Hi Joe! Here is their top 20: 1. 1987 – U2 – With Or Without You [The Joshua Tree] – 23,430,000 2. 1983 – U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday [War] – 16,800,000 3. 2000 – U2 – Beautiful Day [All That You Can’t Leave Behind] – 14,770,000 4. 1991 – U2 – One [Achtung Baby] – 14,750,000 5. 1987 – U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For [The Joshua Tree] – 13,420,000 6. 1984 – U2 – Pride (in The Name Of Love) [The Unforgettable Fire] – 7,740,000 7. 1983 – U2 – New Year’s Day [War]… Read more »


Great! Huge thx! 🙂 All I need now is Santana, Clapton, Van Halen, ZZ Top and Jimi Hendrix 😀 but I know it is a lot of work to do to get this happen. But anyway- do you think those acts are going to be included this year? Or i need to wait a little more? 🙂

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