France Album Sales: Celine Dion

PART IV: Downward spiral 2000-2008

A New Day Has Come (2002) Era

Even with A New Day Has Come lead single peaking at #23 only, the album of the same name went Platinum upon release, denoting over 300,000 copies shipped, highlighting the huge expectations for this comeback album from March 2002.

After an unsurprising strong debut that gave the artist four more weeks at #1, the album slowed down. During various months it was overshadowed by Patrick Bruel and Renaud blockbuster albums released only a few weeks later, A New Day Has Come still continued its way lower down the Top 10 completing 22 weeks on it. The second extract of the album I’m Alive arrived in September a full six months after the first single. Hitting #7, the song was much bigger than previous hit and sustained the album inside the Top 40 until the end of the year.

Topped only by four million selling albums, A New Day Has Come was #5 of 2002 with 855,000 copies sold.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. I’m Alive – 16,158,000
  2. A New Day Has Come – 10,080,000
  3. Have You Ever Been In Love – 1,777,000

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+ Encore un soir = 745,000 copies sold & “Un peu de nous” =83,000 copies sold.
Her total sales in France must be around 19,363,000 albums.


I hope Celine’s next english album will sell in France just enough to have her reach 20,000,000 albums sold.
Does France actually give an award if ever a music artist reaches that number?


Well,i do not think so.She usually sells less with her english albums in France.


You’re right. We’ll just have to wait another french album to be released again. But right now, I just want Celine to release an english album soon, then a xmas album by november this year.


Well,in 2020 probably …
She is gonna release a new english album later this year.She can sell 2,000,000 copies.
Her last english album was really great,but they did not promote it well.Rene was ill and she decided stay home with him.


Uploaded please!


Congratulations for your amazing job! But could you add now sales numbers for Encore Un Soir et update those for Sans Attendre as it has made appearances quite often in the comprehensive charts for 15 months now? Thanks!


Wow! Céline numbers in France are unrivalled! I can’t believe she outsold Madonna for such a large margin! France is the crown of her empire.


Actually, Canada is the crown,😂or it used to be as she’s got 6 diamonds (million albums) and the former album with the most copies sold in the debut week (Let’s Talk About Love, but now replaced by 25) there.
Plus I’ve got a question. I thought D’eux has sold more than 4.5m copies thus far. And figures for 1 Fille & 4 Types and On ne change pas seem to be a bit bigger than I previously imagined. I had thought Sans Attendre has outsold 1 Fille & 4 Types!!!


Article très intéressant. Je pense que ce site prend tout son sens avec ce genre d’artistes à la carrière très étendue et variée. Vivement un article sur Nana Mouskouri !

John Will

I have been waiting this article so long. Thank you very much!I cant wait to read France Album Sales: Barbra Streisand, it must be a big project.