France Album Sales: Bob Marley

Survival (1979) Era

A real force in France music industry by that point, Bob Marley continued his strong run of releases by issuing Survival in 1979. Some kind of disappointment in the UK (#20) and in the US (#70), the album was still strong in France. It peaked at #12 at Christmas time, selling almost 100,000 units. In the same way as Rastaman Vibration, the set failed to generate one big hit but was consistent all over it.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Africa Unite – 5,592,000
  2. One Drop – 5,053,000
  3. So Much Trouble In The World – 4,470,000

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En el momento que escucho Screw Face de Bob Marley, me genera una
sensación de mucha armonía.


Thank you, Guillaume. Very interesting.

I guess it must have taken a lot of time in this particular case due to the size of his catalogue. The result totally exceeds my expectations, 10 million, wow!

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