France Album Sales: Sade

Lovers Rock Era

Sade took 1,5 years to release their second album, dropped the third 2,5 years later, the fourth after 4,5 more years. This time, that’s a full 8 years the band waited before issued their anticipated 2000 comeback Lovers Rock.

Anticipated, well, not that much. After so many years off radar Sade popularity was way lower than it used to be. The new album entered at an awful #18 position in their own country the UK. In France, it debuted at #4 and was out of the Top 10 by its third week. The lead single By Your Side made a relevant impact as months passed hit ending as a true sleeper hit. Thus, they ultimately managed to register almost as many sales as with their past albums. By the end of its chart run, the set was close to 300,000 units in France.

In 2002, a first live set Lovers Live was issued. It peaked at a very low #36 position selling a mere 10,000 units during its chart life. Due to the nature of this release close to a compilation album it accumulated decent catalog sales yet.

During the 00s, none of their album ever charted inside the Catalog Chart. The only activity of Sade for years 2003-2009 were two reentries of The Best Of in the lower part of the Compilation Top 40 in both 2005 and 2008. This album averaged 15,000 yearly sales in 2000-2004 and 10,000 since. Diamond Life as well as Lovers Live sell about a fourth of those numbers while remaining studio albums sell from 10% to 15% of The Best Of yearly rate.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. By Your Side – 31,849,000
  2. King Of Sorrow – 4,611,000
  3. Flow – 3,421,000

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