France Album Sales: Muse

Absolution Era

With a public strongly supporting them and a popularity that was starting to break into the main audience, the band increased their level again with their September 2003 release Absolution. Entering at #1 with 36,000 sales ahead of cult French rap band IAM, the album reproduced the enduring chart run of its predecessors but at a higher level. During its first 55 weeks it left the Top 100 only one time and was still going in and out the Top 200 album chart when facing the 2-years limit before exclusion. Songs like Time Is Running Out, Hysteria and Sing For Absolution in spite of not taking Singles Chart by storm made their place on most Rock radio playlists and never left them since.

Selling 150,000 copies in 2003, 80,000 units in 2004 and 35,000 units in 2005 despite the decreasing market, the band was still getting large sales of their catalog as well.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Time Is Running Out – 32,287,000
  2. Hysteria – 25,880,000
  3. Stockholm Syndrome – 9,203,000

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Fabienne Rambaud

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