France Album Sales: Muse

Origin Of Symmetry Era

Accumulating fans off the radar during 21 months, it was time to exploit this situation with the release of sophomore album Origin of Symmetry in June 2001. With a #40 lead single in Plug In Baby, their first charting song, the set opened at an impressive #2 position only blocked by huge Manu Chao hit album Proxima Estacion Esperanza.

The album decreased its position surely but slowly, getting three weeks Top 10 and nine weeks Top 20. Dropping out of the Top 150 just after the year 2001, the record was still the #57 seller of the year with an estimated 180,000 sales. In the meantime as the followers of the band were more and more numerous Showbiz still added some weeks in charts every month from June to September.

In July 2002 a 2CD set Hullabaloo containing past songs live plus some B-sides was released. Debuting and peaking at #9, the album sold 75,000 units during 2002, one more time consolidating the group profile in France. By the end of that year, with Origin Of Symmetry at 200,000 units and Showbiz at 140,000.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Feeling Good – 22,568,000
  2. Plug In Baby – 16,205,000
  3. New Born – 10,723,000

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Fabienne Rambaud

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