France Album Sales: Daft Punk

Discovery Era

The terrific smash of their second album #1 lead single One More Time from late 2000 sent Homework back inside the Top 30 over two months prior Discovery release. The single amassed a huge 78 million streams on Spotify to date. This album failed to top charts, debuting with a couple of weeks at #2. It was barely due to annual charity juggernaut Les Enfoirés album being released at the same time.

Sticking inside the Top 20 during its first 24 weeks, the set was 2xGold, 200,000 units, less than four months after its release. If each of the six singles convinced new buyers, the second big hit of the era was Harder Better Faster Stronger which came in the fourth quarter of the year. This one totals 64 million streams, making both of those Discovery singles part of the Top 10 most streamed tracks from 2001.

The buzz surrounding Daft Punk was huge. If it wasn’t surprising to see Discovery still Top 30 in December, the fact Homework charted several months was impressive. What’s more, a 2 CD pack containing both albums also charted for three months during the Christmas season. As it wasn’t enough, Alive 1997 got released too, peaking at #25.

The album sales of 2001 smash album climbed to 450,000 in France in its release year alone (#15 of the year), plus 110,000 units in 2002 (#96 of the year). Homework was over 500,000 units by the end of this latter year. Those figures do not include the 20,000 copies sold by the package of both albums, the same amount sold by their live album Alive 1997.

Both sets continued to sell from 10,000 to 15,000 units in France every year. A minor remix album Daft Club sold approximatively 20,000 units in from its 2003 release to 2005.

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