France Album Sales: Beyonce

The Writing’s On The Wall (1999) Era

Released in July 1999, The Writing’s On The Wall was going to be part of teenagers life during more than 18 months. Lead single Get On The Bus failed to chart, but the album still debuted at #56 as some urban airplay from past era had started to build their fan base. From that point, the record went on a never ending repeat, going in and out the Top 75 without even going  higher than #32.

It was first Bills, Bills, Bills, #20 hit in December 1999 that helped selling the album. Bug A Boo was less successful, peaking at #57 in March 2000 but still kept The Writing’s On The Wall alive. In May-June, Say My Name became the group first Top 10 hit, peaking at #10 on a solid eight weeks Top 15 run. In September, Jumpin’, Jumpin’ went #41. Independent Women, a new song added to the November 2000 extended edition of the album, became a hit too with a #19 peak and an extensive 27 weeks chart run. As a result, the album featured inside the Top 100 as late as in April 2001.

Never breaking the main audience, it nevertheless sold decent amounts as the market was extremely high at that point. By May 2000, the record went Gold and one year later it reached 2xGold while it was still sitting inside the album chart that got extended to a Top 150 in-between. Both certifications came on large Sony Music audits thus they weren’t date specific. In fact, by late 2001 the album was up to 240,000 copies sold already.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Say My Name – 59,376,000
  2. Jumpin’, Jumpin’ – 27,805,000
  3. Independent Women Part I Pasadena Remix – 20,468,000

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WoW she had abysmal sales in France I wonder how she managed to make few stadium tour there I think she was more a popular celebrity than a selling artist here


I fail to see how IASF sold 150k in France. You should break it down.


I didn’t know you had new website. It’s great to see your estimation again.
Good job.

George Micly

She is too big to be compared with GWEN STEFANI ??? LOL

Beyoncé funny but remains simply a gay icon, Gwen Stefani is it inovatrice in the field of music as in fashion, you can not compare what is not comparable


George Micly’s comment is delusional in every possible way! LOL… No offense!


Maybe shes too big to be compared to Gwen Stefanie. However, her sales worldwide (Out of the US, UK, Canada) isnt that impressive either. Selling less than 200k in a big market such as France is nothing impressive. Her sales in Germany is dreadful as well. Her sales in Japan is just OK, but definitely not one of the biggest star there. So for you to compare her with Gwen Stefanie out of the blue is really weird. The fact you choose Gwen Stefanie, a singer who is not really that well known worldwide, is kinda funny. Why not compare… Read more »


HAHAHAH Beyoncé’s career is 10x bigger than Gwen’s (even tho i love gwen). The fact that B’day, an underperformance outsold and was a bigger era (WW) than Gwen’s L.A.M.B. should say everything.


R&B is not popular in France lmfaoo

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