CSPC: NSYNC Popularity Analysis

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Streaming Part 2

Massively hyped upon release, No Strings Attached remains strong. Bye Bye Bye registers an impressive 107 million streams on Spotify and 170 million on YouTube. On the former platform, both It’s Gonna Be Me and This I Promise You crack 40 million plays. These 3 hits fuel the album to 266,000 equivalent album sales from streams.

At 73,000 sales, the follow up Celebrity is nowhere near as strong. Pop, Girlfriend and Gone are all around 15 million on Spotify, failing to translate their initial success into catalog appeal.

7 thoughts on “CSPC: NSYNC Popularity Analysis”

  1. So this puts NSYNC at less than half the backstreet boys, which totally makes sense. I always felt their music didn’t quite compare…it had a cheaper sound and seemed like they were just riding the boy band trend rather than leading it.

  2. I’m wondering about a similar comparison between Take That and Robbie Williams, at the moment. Who would have higher CSPC in your opinion?

  3. Hah. I knew right from the very beginning that Nsync was extremely local. I was right. Their sales was nowhere near Britney nor BSB. Justin did the right move by dating Britney. It gave him the opportunity to introduce himself to the world, and is very useful for the build up of his solo career.

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