CSPC: Dirty Dancing Popularity Analysis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 4: Original Album Sales – Dirty Dancing (1987)
Page 5: Original Album Sales – More Dirty Dancing (1988)
Page 6: Original Album Sales – Dirty Dancing 2 (2004)
Page 7: Original Album Sales – Comments
Page 8: Physical Singles Sales
Page 9: Digital Singles Sales
Page 10: Streaming Sales
Page 11: Remaining Long Format
Page 12: Remaining Long Format – Summary
Page 13: BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country
Page 14: CSPC Results
Page 15: Biggest Tracks

6 thoughts on “CSPC: Dirty Dancing Popularity Analysis”

  1. Wow, really smash successsful and digital sales for a 1987 singles! I cant wait to read the analysis for the queen of Soundtracks- Barbra

  2. Impressive numbers. I’d like to see the CSPC analysis for the two other dance-crazy classics…….FLASHHDANCE and FOOTLOOSE.

  3. So best selling soundtracks are
    1-The bodyguard
    3-Saturday night fever
    4-Dirty dancing
    I would like to see Titanic,Top Gun,Footlose,The Lion King,Flashdance and The Purple Rain as well.

  4. Oh i almost forgot.Is that true The Sound of Music soundtrack sold more than 40 million?What’s the real numbers from this album 10-20 million or less?Thanx

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