CSPC: Ariana Grande Popularity Analysis

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Ariana Grande

Digital Singles Sales – Part 1

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Yours Truly (2013) – 843,000 equivalent albums

The Way – 2,770,000
Baby I – 690,000
Right There – 490,000
Popular Song – 490,000
Almost is Never Enough – 580,000
Remaining tracks – 600,000

My Everything (2014) – 4,074,000 equivalent albums

Problem – 8,910,000
One Last Time – 2,320,000
Break Free – 3,820,000
Best Mistake – 1,770,000
Love Me Harder – 2,210,000
Bang Bang – 7,330,000
Remaining tracks – 800,000

Grande started strong in the US with the 2 million selling single The Way. She failed to generate interest abroad though. Her subsequent singles have not been successful even in the US. Thanks to the massive market of downloads by 2013 it was still enough to sell 5,6 million units from songs of Yours Truly.

The era My Everything was both more consistent and more global. She became big in various markets such as the UK, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. The result is amazing. Problem featuring Iggy Azalea is close to 9 million sales while Bang Bang with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj sold over 7,3 million. Four more songs sold well also, Break Free, One Last Time, Love Me Harder and Best Mistake combine for an impressive 10 million units. In total, songs from My Everything sold a sublime 27 million. This is all the more impressive considering that download sales were declining strongly by 2014/2015 as streaming began to take over.

10 thoughts on “CSPC: Ariana Grande Popularity Analysis”

  1. Why her mexican sales are so low? She’s big there, she sold out 3 arena date in that country. 80k-100k is more accurate. I know her certifications are after they included sps but still seems low.

    DW sold 180k units in the UK, even big streaming artist like ed sheeran and justin bieber “streams” only represents 30-25% to his UK album, why with Ariana is +65%?? . 110k looks accurate.

    I think DW reached the 1,2M mark sales ww!

    1. Hi Generis!

      You can’t compare albums from different years considering how fast streaming is evolving. Then, a big difference between Ariana and the others you quoted (Bieber, Sheeran, Selena) is that she started after appearance of streaming. The remaining 3 artists have a fanbase used to buy her records, from a generation that did buy records. The huge majority of Ariana’s fans never bought an album in their lifetime. The UK figure is accurate as it is, it has been worked out thanks to weekly ranking inside the streaming chart. In all countries, she always performed insanely better on streams than on sales.

      It is obvious and 100% safe and official that DW is nowhere near 1,2m WW – it shipped less than 900k units in 2016 and added only 10% to its shipments in 2017.

      1. Even drake his streams in the UK doesn’t represent +60% of his sales, but to be honest this time i doesn’t have receipts.
        I read you use streams to calculate sales (selena) in Asia but isn’t better touring? Also, Ariana is a bigger touring/singles sales/streaming than selena in the UK, Ariana selling only 20k more than her in the UK seems weird.

  2. No way revival sold more than DW in brazil/mexico and almost the same in asia when ariana is by far bigger than her in those markets.
    America: 625k
    US: 400k
    Canada: 50k
    Mexico: 85k
    Brazil: 50k
    Argentina: N/A

    Asia/Japan: 250k
    Australia/NZ: 30k

    Europe: 250k
    UK: 110k
    Rest: 100k
    Total: 1,150,000

  3. Hi MJD! I would like to know how far the album dangerous woman is to sell 1 million pure ww, and how far it is to earn the 2x platinum in US? how much her albums has sold in US with TEA & SEA?

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