Flashback Chart – P!nk’s I’m Not Dead debuts at #7 in France

More than a year and a half ago, I introduced this blog by mentioning that our role was going to include three main aspects as listed below:

  1. Collecting raw data.
  2. Interpreting technically collected values.
  3. Understanding the social meaning of information.

Since then we have extensively treated the last two parts. During the building process we go through never-ending documents and links of raw data to build the final articles. Today, I’m going to introduce this new series, Flashback Charts, to share some raw data I collected over the years.

I propose to start it with a French document from the week ending April 8, 2006. Why that chart? As a wink to P!nk‘s comeback, this ranking is the debut week of her pivotal album I’m Not Dead.

It isn’t about copy / pasting information already available. Here, I’m adding as an attached file a never before seen document. It is a document that was sent directly from the IFOP, former Soundscan-like system of France, to the labels on a weekly basis.

During that week, P!nk debuted with 10,714 sales at #7. Kelly Clarkson registered her career high sales-wise in France with Breakaway selling 4,796 units. James Blunt was still going strong. A promising singer named Rihanna was debuting with SOS at a then career-high #17 position. Beyoncé‘s Check On It first entered also. Madonna, Mylène Farmer, Dorothée, Mélanie C, the Pussycat Dolls, M Pokora, Ricky Martin, Sean Paul, Najoua Belyzel, Lorie, Celine Dion and, yes, even the Sugababes, were all inside the Top 30 on the Singles side.

The annual album of Les Enfoirés debuted at #1 with 142,131 sales in two days, while Magalie Vaé was the first Star Academy winner to seriously flop with her #13 entry.

No more words, I’ll let you enjoy the file and all its information!



4 thoughts on “Flashback Chart – P!nk’s I’m Not Dead debuts at #7 in France”

  1. I want to congratulate for your fantastic work!!!

    I do not miss any article, even you are analyzing one artist I don´t care for.

    Your analysis are very insigthful.

    Your estimations always seem very acurate. Plus, you are ready to change/fix your own numbers, which only proves that you are trustworthy 😉

    There is only one thing I think this page lacks of: the accesibility of all your data. I will explain what I mean.

    You know among chart freaks (and others too) loves to compare, put on a context the success. How may times in your coments people ask something like: Is X the artist with more sales in Asia? or Is X the most female sucessful artist? Is that album the most remix album sold?..and so on. Currently, the only list are avaible per se are Artist,Albums and Songs by CSPS…and they are present in every article, not in a separate way.

    I think a good idea could be make a section where you can put all the list you want (even they are in the making “constantly”..). With all your data you could do infinite lists. Fo example it could be done a list of most albums sold by act (male/female/group/movies), by country/area (US,UK,France..), by decade, by genre…The same goes for physical songs, for digital songs, maybe also for most streamed artist . The more general list the longer, the more specific the shorter.

    I think maybe you like the idea. You did a recap when you arrive to 25 acts, and I think your intention is keep on doing it, so this is something similar or goes into the same idea. Also you already have the most albums sold in France 😉

    I think this post about data is the most apropiate to make this comment 😉

    Best regards!!

    1. Hi Raimond!

      Thanks you for your great feedback. I was definitely aiming at comprehensive lists when I started this blog but obviously the data to build them was missing. We have now studied a solid body of artists, making it more relevant. I was surprised while setting up the Achievements of P!nk to notice that all five 10+ million selling albums from that year were covered. From 2002, 6 out of 7 are done (only Avril left) and so on.

      After discussing your comment with Anthony, we decided to create a CSPC: Data Collector article. We will start by putting the 3 main lists on it (CSPC top songs / albums / artists). Then, while I’m studying a new act for several days, Anthony will regularly drop a new list as a stand-alone article to continue offering new interesting content. That sub-list will be added to the master Data Collector article as well and structured under relevant categories. For now, we only need to automatize this part to avoid wasting a heavy amount of manual work to keep the master up to date after each artist. I hope you like the idea! Do not hesitate in sharing additional ideas 😉

      1. It sounds great!!

        After one year I came up with a reasoneable idea, the ratio is not very good jajajaj. I keep on reading 😛

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