CSPC: Will.i.am Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2

With as many as 13 songs outside of the original studio albums that top 10 million Spotify streams, this perfectly shows the producer-featuring act profile of the Black Eyed Peas mastermind.

While respectable, hits from 10 to 70 million fell short of streams of Hall of Fame. This smash cracks 300 million in both audio and video plays. The comprehensive total of Orphan songs is up to 991,000 equivalent album sales.

7 thoughts on “CSPC: Will.i.am Popularity Analysis”

    1. Don’t worry Mat. An article for Michael Jackson will definitely come soon. MJD is a huge MJ fan so just wait. 🙂

  1. Hi MID,

    Could you do Diana Ross and the Supremes, similar to how you did Beyonce.

    I am certain that the Supremes are still the top selling female group ever.

  2. I bet this long pause and wait is because the next artist that MJD analyzes is Cher or he is on holiday vacation !!!

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