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  1. It’s obvious that Michael and Queen require a lot of work due the extense discography… however I’m sure Guillerme has most of the work done. I’d love to see those 2…and also veteran divas like Streisand, Tina and Aretha … to see how they really rank compared to other female massive singers.

  2. How ever on the page ” [UPDATE] Which artist would you like to be updated soon?” there are not groups such as U2, Nirvana, The Beatles, Gun’s Roses and The Rolling Stones.

      1. cause either they were just analyzed very recently or they do not have enough sales from various formats to be included i would assume

    1. Hi Pelvis,

      Those artists are not within’ the update section simply because it is less relevant for them. Most were posted very recently and even if their catalog sales are good, it represents only a tiny fraction of their total sales. Acts like Drake, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran or Bieber are strongly impacted by the change of streaming ratio since they were posted and also added way more sales in proportion to their to date CSPC total.

  3. I would rather a fuller picture is painted of the top selling artists of all time and they were concentrated on, rather than peoples favourite acts. The remaining big selling acts such as Elvis, Elton, Michael, Queen etc would be far more rewarding and interesting to see, from my point of view.

      1. Cheers Gus. Not to disparage certain acts such as The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake or Ariana Grande but as a music chart and sales fan, I want to see artists who are the best selling artists, not artists like these.

        While I am lucky enough to have had some of my favourite artists studied already, in the higher echelons, I would still rather see the remaining best sellers, more than any of my other favourites.

        1. Hi Martin!

          I’m fully in line with you actually. Acts you state require 2 to 4 weeks of work, if I do several of them in a row I’ll be posting something like 3 articles in 2 months that would be very boring. I prefer working on Lordes at times, who are worth one evening of work, to keep providing new material frequently. Also, younger acts could be living their best years, can disappear soon, so better treating them now than when they are has-beens, while legends will always be there in anyway.

          This being said, the truly big ones will be done during the next few months whatever happens 😉

  4. Barbra is the second most voted singer in your last poll, now again? You don’t even complete your last poll, and she is the only missed one of “Big Five”Vote again and again

    1. Hi Skkywill,

      How is the lost poll not complete when all winners have been treated? The aim is to treat the winner, not all candidates, elseway it wouldn’t be a poll 😉

  5. Ithink Barbra fans will not voted for her anymore. She was the second most voted singer in your last poll, and nothing really happened… 🙁

      1. Do you have issues reading? He said Usher is biggest artist from the 2000s “that he hasn’t DONE YET.”
        And besides, Beyoncé doesn’t even hold that title.

  6. I would like to see Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Barbra Streisand, Pink, Usher, Alanis Morissette, Tina Turner and Queen.

  7. Also would like to see TLC, MJ, Timberlake and Kylie Minogue.

    And could you update Beyonce? Lemonade is at 3 mil now.

    1. Sorry, just saw the list.
      Elton John

      Tina Turner

      O Brother

      But you should do the big French names, about whom the French press makes claims that seem incredible. I read recently in Le Figaro that Michel Sardou sold 100 millions albums. Really?

      1. Hi Nina!

        Michel Sardou sold 3/4 times less than that in the album front. Johnny Hallyday sold more than him too. I may study one of them soon 😉

  8. I voted for Streisand and TLC. TLC’s releasing an album today and “CrazySexyCool” is one of the best-selling records of the 90’s !

  9. I’d love to see the top 10 ish.
    Queen, MJ, Elvis, Elton John, AC/DC, Scorpions (i know, not top 10 material), Aerosmith and The Eagles (since they’re supposed to be the best selling American bands) etc.

  10. fake vote figures…. Cher and araina received more than 8000 votes, ten times more than other types, it’s real?:-D

    1. Hi koerenas_albelia!

      If you search for the page 4 direct link on Twitter, you will understand how a few acts got massive votes 😉

  11. Cher please I am really curious about her sales as she has so many hits and flops she will be really interesting to study… especially if Sonny and Cher’s sales are taken into account too.

    Elton John would also be really interesting!

  12. Hi, have you guys ever thought about making a singles sales page with SPS since a lot of countries don’t report pure sales anymore? It would be great and more relevant now in my opinion. Thank you!

  13. Can you also make an article asking what topic do we want you to make like: (or you can make a poll on the topic i have suggested for everybody to choose which topic do they want you to do next)

    1. the best selling holiday albums of all time (at least top 10 or 20)

    2. the best selling singles of all time (at least top 10 or 20) (you can refer to this link :https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_singles )

    3. The best selling theme songs of all time (top 10 or 20)

    4. the best selling movie soundtrack albums of all time (top 10 or 20)

    5. the best selling duets of all time (top 10 or 20)

    6. the best selling songs of the 90s (1990-1999)


  14. I’m very happy you’re about to study Cher’s sales. You’ve got a lot of work ! Some of her 70’s records have long been out of print, a couple of them never even charted ! I’m particularly interested in her 87-95 sales : she really had great sales in the US and in the UK. Her DVD sales must be quite impressive as well. During the Believe promo tour, she said she was totally unknown in Japan : I wanna know how true (of false ^^) that statement is.
    Will you count Sonny & Cher’s sales ? They were quite big in the 60’s, even in Europe.

  15. MJD,

    Please add a Forum to this site. Im pretty sure a lot of people will hang out here longer and more people will join,

  16. An article of the 10 best selling music artists in the 90s would be very interesting.

    Anyway, for me, the music artists that should be prioritized are:

    Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby – them because aside from both artists being considered one of the best-selling artists in the world ( all three have articles stating selling more than a billion records. ) Michael Jackson surely has songs that’s definitely inside the biggest 10 songs on this site’s biggest songs list. Who knows, one of his songs might be bigger than Celine Dion’s “My Heart will Go On”. If Elvis may be the true best selling artist of all time, then definitely some of his songs should appear in the biggest 10 songs. I also mentioned Bing Crosby because his “White Christmas” song is considered the world’s best-selling single by a huge gap, according to a wiki article.

    Nicki Minaj – the female artists with most number of songs in US Billboard Hot 100. Also the Queen Of Rap.

    Nana Mouskouri – perhaps you haven’t even heard her name but she is the only female music artist who could possibly take Madonna’s title as the best-selling female music artist in the world. Her number of albums alone even outnumbers the total number of albums of Madonna, Celine and Mariah. She also released album in different languages. So it’s really very interesting how MJD can even get all the details about her.

    Justin Timberlake – has been able to keep himself relevant in music for more than 20 years, from being part of once a very popular boyband NSYNC, to going solo.

    Bjork – one of the most unique music artist ever. Despite of not really being a huge record seller, Bjork manages to keep herself known due to her being just so so different music artist, in a positive way. Just nobody is similar to her.

    Barbra Streisand – the only female artist with a #1 album in the US Billboard 200 every decade from 1960-2010s, a chart ranking the 200 most popular albums in the USA. And she is the best-selling female artist in the USA. Prolly that record doesnt matter much since worldwide records is bigger and she is born a US citizen. But to think that some female music artists have sold a lot lot more worldwide, they were still not able to beat Barbra in USA sales, the biggest country in terms of music.

    Kenny G – the best selling musician artist

    Bob Marley – the King of Reggae

    Some artists I wanted to mention just to make sure MJD doesn’t forget them: Michael Learns To Rock, Air Supply, Barry Manilow, Hanson, Westlife, Human Nature, Tina Arena, Toni Braxton, A1, The Corrs, Meatloaf, Mandy Moore, Aretha Franklin, The Calling, Ricky Martin,

  17. Hi and congratulations for your great job.

    I think it could be interesting to analyse :

    – A-HA

    3 bands wich have 30 years of career and of both of them still release albums actually (2016 for PSB et 2017 for ERASURE).

    Thans in advance.

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