CSPC: Miley Cyrus Popularity Analysis


Please find below the comprehensive list of all CSPC totals of artists studied up to this date.


1 The Beatles – 403,978,000
2 Madonna – 244,062,000
3 The Rolling Stones – 234,825,000
4 Led Zeppelin – 198,856,000
5 U2 – 192,494,000
6 Celine Dion – 192,088,000
7 Mariah Carey – 164,642,000
Bee Gees – 156,011,000
ABBA – 155,728,000
10 Whitney Houston – 151,051,000
11 Eminem – 147,086,000
12 Billy Joel – 145,645,000
13 Fleetwood Mac – 143,239,000
14 Bon Jovi – 142,172,000
15 Bob Dylan – 140,767,000
16 Metallica – 137,628,000
17 David Bowie – 124,790,000
18 Guns N Roses – 115,171,000
19 Wham! & George Michael – 104,617,000
20 Britney Spears – 96,942,000
21 Backstreet Boys – 93,280,000
22 Nirvana – 87,573,000
23 Coldplay – 83,237,000
24 Shania Twain – 79,944,000
25 Green Day – 78,926,000
26 Janet Jackson – 76,462,000
27 Linkin Park – 74,119,000
28 Adele – 72,937,000
29 Rihanna – 65,334,000
30 Beyoncé – 61,702,000
31 Michael Bublé – 60,395,000
32 Taylor Swift – 55,647,000
33 Shakira – 52,686,000
34 Enrique Iglesias – 50,278,000
35 Norah Jones – 49,393,000
36 Drake – 48,790,000
37 Spice Girls – 48,198,000
38 Maroon 5 – 47,286,000
39 Christina Aguilera – 47,174,000
40 Justin Bieber – 46,632,000
41 Destiny’s Child – 45,163,000
42 Lady Gaga – 45,037,000
43 Alicia Keys – 44,433,000
44 Miley Cyrus – 35,252,500
45 Katy Perry – 32,492,000
46 Bruno Mars – 32,459,000
47 Ed Sheeran – 26,329,000
48 Amy Winehouse – 26,280,000
49 Aaliyah – 17,780,000
50 The Weeknd – 17,215,000

15 thoughts on “CSPC: Miley Cyrus Popularity Analysis”

  1. Hey MJD!

    Wasn’t expecting this analysis to come so soon! Miley is definitely an interesting case to study, so thank you for analyzing her popularity!

    First of all, I’m glad you finally remember to add the page for total album sales😊 It’s a great addition and I don’t have to go back page to page to calculate the total. Regarding Miley’s total, 25m albums is fantastic for someone who debuted not only as a Disney artist, but during the mid 00’s when album sales were starting to plummet.

    Secondly, I wasn’t expecting Miley to be so consistently successful! She has 5 albums over 4m units, with the most successful one almost at 7m. Not a bad showing! I was surprised that Bangerz wasn’t her most successful album though. Moreover, her digital results is outstanding! 70m downloads is totally unexpected, and her streaming, most notably the Youtube figures, are quite massive!

    I also loved that you added video streaming to the CSPC analysis! When will you update previously analyzed artist using this new formula? I hope you start with Rihanna considering she was the first artist you’ve analyzed and she’s a beast within Youtube streaming! No doubt she’ll be above 70m album equivalents now after the huge Anti era has finished!

    Moreover, regarding your update on physical singles sales, when and which artists are you going to do that with?

    Finally, are you going to update the artist poll and remove all the previously analyzed artist on the poll, as well as add new ones? Some great new additions I would recommend: Sade, Tupac, Prince, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Kelly Clarkson, Toni Braxton etc.

    Job well done to everyone at Chartmasters and seriously looking forward for your upcoming projects!

    1. Hi Raffi!

      I’m not setting a schedule for now, the plan is to continue with new artists and update former ones in background, putting articles in sticky for a few days when they get updated for everyone to see. I’ll be using the fixing log and Twitter to communicate on that!

      I doubt Rihanna will increase yet as the streaming ratio is much less favorable now. Possibly, she will go down. Her along with Britney and Whitney are among priorities for the update.

      I’m concerned in having a full set information consistent, in concrete words as soon as I’ll adjust physical single sales for one artist, I’ll adjust streaming formulas too, and add new albums if some came out. At each artist update, 100% of the content will be reviewed.

      For a few weeks I’ll be posting CSPC articles based on popular artists releasing new albums, I don’t want to flood the site with divas only :p

      A new poll will be done after that yet, although I may separate acts by gender! hehe

    1. Hi Heidi!

      By experience, the order in streams and sales for album tracks is always pretty much the same. Do My Thang is the highest in streams at over 40 million followed by FU, I estimate both on half a million sales give or take a few. Drive follows them.

  2. Salut MJD, je voulais savoir si tu pouvais ajouter les deux albums: Best of Both Worlds Concert et Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party qui ont vendu pas mal malgré le fait qu’ils soient pas des albums studios à part entière.

    Merci pour le boulot ^^

  3. Hello.

    With the modern sales decline and the sucess of streamimg, what do you think of the current Billboard Hot 100 formula? How would You formulate it for the most accurate reflection of song popularity? Do you think airplay should be included in such charts, as the songs which are played aren’t directly chosen by the listeners?

  4. at the end of the article on the that top miley has 35M records sold but in fact she has 95M records sold ww. i don`t understand

    1. He is using CSPC to gauge the overall popularity of each record. Streams, single sales + sales from various compilations and videos are weighted. It is not 35 million records sold but 35 million album equivalents. Check page 2 for more information.

  5. Salut MJD

    (Oublie mon commentaire, j’avais pas fait attention que tu avais bien inclus les autres albums/dvd ^^)

    J’aurais une question: quand tu donnes, par exemple, 8 million pour PITUSA, qu’est ce que ça représente ? Les ventes US auxquelles sont ajoutées d’autres données ou une estimation mondiale ?
    Je penchais plus pour la deuxième hypothèse dans la mesure où tu soulignes qu’elle a vendu 70 millions de singles (donc pas seulement aux USA ?)

    Merci à toi.

    1. Hello JRDN!

      Oui les chiffres sont des estimations de ventes mondiales et comme tu peux l’imaginer, pour un cas comme PITUSA elles viennent principalement des US mais pas uniquement!

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