CSPC: Gorillaz Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

2001 Gorillaz – 6,000,000
2005 Demon Days – 6,800,000
2010 Plastic Beach – 1,450,000
2011 The Fall – 180,000
2017 Humanz – 400,000

Before further comments on their sales results, it must be said that the record The Fall was first released for free via download in late 2010. This explains its very low sales figures.

Both Gorillaz and Demons Days did very well, selling a combined 12,8 million units. While doing OK in the UK was a given considering the status of Damon Albarn there, it was far from being an easy task elsewhere. In the US, Blur’s biggest albums Parklife and The Great Escape both failed to make the Top 100. Thus, the Gorillaz selling in excess of 2 million there with their first two albums was extraordinary.

Unfortunately, the golden days were over by 2010 when Plastic Beach failed to do as well. Selling almost five times less than its predecessor! They are now looking to reverse the trend with Humanz.

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