Bonus Gift: The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales – Part 4 – Final

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 3: Oceania – Australia
Page 4: Oceania – New-Zealand
Page 5: Africa – South Africa
Page 6: Remaining Countries – Middle East
Page 7: Total of Oceania + Africa
Page 8: Summary of figures from all countries
Page 9: Global Album Sales
Page 10: Data Analysis

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  1. Hi again MJD! This was a wonderful read, although I’m disappointing to see “In The Zone” right below the 7 million mark, at least “Oops!… I Did It Again” is basically at 19 million and “…Baby One More Time” and “Britney” are also higher. Regarding South Africa, I’m pleasantly surprised by her results there! I wasn’t expecting her to be close to half a million albums there.

    Speaking of South Africa, how accurate is this site? It lists “Britney” as a platinum record in the country (

    Great job as usual, and I can’t wait to see her updated CSPC article with estimates for more recent albums!

  2. She’s a huge flop in the digital era, other than Circus (which was not a huge comeback as her fans claim, it barely outsold Rated R or 4 which were deemed flops) all of her albums had horrible sales. And her first 2 albums only sold so much because teen pop was really dominant worldwide (she hopped on that, just like she hopped on urban/dance bandwagon latter). Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls are good examples. Even Xtina’s debut came close to a Diamond certification in the US. Beyonce is way bigger than her and a real legend who can still push albums/singles sales. Britney and her music are forgotten.

    1. But then The Circus Tour easily outgrossed Beyonce’s I am…World Tour in 2009 with less dates when they went head to head. The Formation Tour went on to surpass that when sales tickets were at an all time high while …Baby One More Time’s has sold well more than half of Beyonce’s entire discography.

      Christina Aguilera’s debut album has never went diamond 18 years after its debut and her highest all time grossing tour is at 48.1 million.

      1. Yet Beyonce ended up doubling Britney’s overall tour gross and selling more singles. With Destiny’s Child included, she is not far away from Britney’s total albums sales. Baby One More Time was released during the peak of albums sales when everyone and their mother was going multiplatinum (even flops like Brandy, Monica and others). Shania sold 10 million albums more than BOMT. Many albums from 1999/2000 actually went on to sell over 20 million, Britney doing it was not anything out of this world. Stop clinging to her receipts from 100 years ago. She’s a flop in the digital/streaming era when 99% of the world downloads albums from Zippyshare or Youtube convertes unlike in the 90s/early 00s when the piracy wasn’t spread out. Her albums sales in the digital era – 2.5 + 3.9 + 1.7 + 0.6 + 0.35. Just horrible for someone who is supposed to be a legend and album seller. Her singles sales are not impressive either. Madonna and Celine are older than her and both can sell more albums than Britney, not to mention tour tickets.

        1. He brought up the Circus tour gross because you were dismissing Circus as a big era. The fact that you brought up Beyoncé’s total gross proves that you’re just here to start fights. You’re just here for the fan wars.

          Funny how you keep discrediting Britney’s album sales and labeling them as “not impressive” and then go on to say that “Beyoncé PLUS Destiny’s Child” is behind her. Didn’t Destiny’s Child debut in 1997, a complete year before Britney? You’re indirectly throwing shading at Beyoncé’s career sales and I don’t think you’re even noticing that. Her group had an extra year on Britney with a good sales climate and she couldn’t outsell her. Wanna bring up the teen pop excuse? We’ve already established that not every teen pop act is guaranteed to sell Britney’s amounts. Christina’s album sold only 12,8M which is less than The Writings on the Walls.

          Brandy and Monica weren’t always flops and were actually quite successful once upon a time (the 90s) so why is it a surprise they went ‘multi-platinum’? What did you even try to say here? Great for Shania that she outsold BOMT but unfortunately for her she wasn’t able to replicate Come On Over’s success and dropped directly to 11M unlike Britney who mainted BOMT-level success for a second time with Oops. Why do you always ignore this?

          She was successful during the digital era and MJD declared that she has sold 80M digital singles so I’m not sure why you keep repeating like a broken record that she flopped in the digital era. She didn’t. She is only a flop in the streaming era.

          MJD said that she has crossed 100M singles (physical+digital). That’s not impressive? How much does Miss Spears have to sell to impress monsieur Aurora? Hahahaha.

        2. So then you agree that Britney was the undisputed queen of the 2000s.
          She sold more albums than Beyonce and grossed more than Beyonce on tour during the decade.
          Beyonce only then became a bigger star in the 2010s but is not the queen of the 2010s because Taylor Swift is objectively more successful than Beyonce overall during this decade.
          Destiny’s Child has nothing to do with Beyonce’s discography just like the Jackson 5 has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s discography. (Michael Jackson beats Madonna in sales without the need of the Jackson 5 but Beyonce is unable to beat Britney without the need of Destiny’s Child)

        3. You brought out her peers P!nk and Avril Lavigne. They have much smaller totals than Britney? Avril has smaller digital sales than Britney while P!nk has sold less albums than Britney.

          You also brought up the Backstreet Boys, who also have a lower CSPC than Britney. So they were never bigger than Britney.

          Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore are platinum selling bubblegum pop artists. Why didn’t they sell as much as Britney despite riding the teen pop wave? Where is the talented Christina Aguilera?

          If this is about global sales then it should also be about global charts..
          Britney then has nothing else to prove with her album Glory or any other album with her proven commercial success, given that she has more international number one singles than the combination of Destiny’s Child and Beyonce.

        4. It’s also absolutely hilarious that you brought up Avril Lavigne, who’s career is 100% due to Britney Spears.

          Her music and persona were manufactured in direct response to Britney Spears. So if you’re looking for Britney’s impact, look no further than Avril Lavigne.

        5. To But,
          Mariah Carey is struggling to sell tickets these days. her No 1’s concert in Vegas was a major flopped. Sometimes just reaching 54% full attendance. Is she a loser compared to Beyonce? Lol. You are so funny. Plus you had the audacity to say Britney’s singles was not as successful as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion internationally. Dude, she has 7 European No 1 hits. Do you know how much Beyonce has? She only have 2. Lol. Mariah Carey only have 1 and celine has less than 5 in Europe. Britney’s singles has more no 1’s in the Europe than Beyonce + Destiny’s Child combined. More top ten than them too. Furthermore, even these days Beyonce is having difficulties selling tickets. Plus, she never went to Asia. Because she really is not known in Asia.

    2. Let it all out!

      So teen pop was huge worldwide and the “only” reason her first 2 sold so much, yet Christina, which you name-dropped, was only able to sell HALF of …Baby One More Time’s sales? No shade but do you need help reasoning? Not to mention that Britney was able to replicate that success twice, unlike the Spice Girls who went directly from 22,4M to 13M.

      4 and Rated R are labelled as “flops” in comparison to how massive IASF and GGGB were and Circus is labelled as a big comeback in comparison to Blackout’s mediocre performance. But I’m sure you already knew that and just wanted to throw shade for the sake of it. Furthermore, Circus had immediate success with big opening weeks and a #1 hit and the judgement on the success of an album is often casted based on the debut performance. 4 and Rated R didn’t enjoy this and had bad starts which again pushes them under the “flop” label. No one is responsible for the image and perception of these albums’ success so I’m not sure who you’re getting mad at. This is the vibe everyone got from those 3 eras, not just “Britney’s fans”.

      Britney has sold 79,2M digital singles so “huge flop in the digital era” is not the term you’re looking after to describe her. Try something else and get back to us.

      Beyoncé isn’t unfamiliar with trend-hopping. She has an album called I Am… Hopping on Trends. Check it out and humble yourself down a bit. You’re obviously a very angry fanatic holding a grudge against Britney who has never said anything but the sweetest things about Beyoncé. I hope you sort everything out.

    3. Britney top 5 CSPC

      Baby One More Time: 30.895.000
      Oops I Did It Again: 23.030.000
      In The Zone: 12.675.000
      Britney: 12.446.000
      Circus: 6.172.000

      Beyonce top 5 CSPC
      I Am Sasha Fierce: 14.670.000
      Dangerously In Love: 14.641.000
      B’Day: 11.150.000
      Beyonce: 7.267.000
      4: 6.853.000

      Britney is more successful than Beyonce.

    4. Beyonce is a bigger flop. For such hype, one would think she’s pulling Adele or Taylor Swift numbers. She ain’t even close to these ladies. Lemonade barely selling 3kk is underwhelming to say the least. Beyonce is only hype and no results.

    5. And why are Beyonce fans pretending Destiny’s Child is a significant group? They simply continued r&b/hip hop trends set by TLC, En Vogue, Brandy and Monica before them. Nothing Special. Nothing Significant.

    6. Hhhhhhh thats why beyonce sold 32 millions record …and Britney sold over 200 millions record and six number one albums and got a hollywood walk of fame at 21 years old and performed with MJ and Madonna and her inpact in the music industry is more than huge and her iconic award shows performances which made a big part of the hollywood History and after all what shes been through she made it and has beaten records and stood tall again remember the Circus era and her world tour…..and what crazy she still relevant just yesterday she performed in Tokyo for a 50000 people sold out show and the best is yet to come ! .

    7. These sales aren’t completely real because BOMT alone is 14x platinum in USA. As for Beyonce her claimed sales are inacurrate too then because they count streaming. Britney’s sales are much bigger due to streaming. As for Rated R, again sales are based on streaming. Blackout is platinum in USA which makes these sales INACURRATE.

    8. What? Britney is the biggest selling female artist of the decade. Britney’s album sales are bigger than any other female artists. Also her impact on pop culture is untouchable. Britney’s videos and performances are all iconic whereas Beyonce is a try-hard and i don’t even remember any of Beyonce performances and her videos are so boring. 90’s and the beginning of 00’s may be teen pop era but no one could touch Britney’s stardom. Every iconic star is born in the peak of the eras of their music genre, but not all of them become a legend.That’s why there were tons of teen stars but only Britney took the world by storm. Britney, Michael Jackson, Madonna all have their performance talent and star powers. (They don’t have powerful voices, being a pop legend is not related to octave) Britney is an icon, a legend..

  3. Will you use these deeper insights into the dynamics of Asian markets to readjust other’s artists CPSC articles, too?

  4. It’s clear that you’re a Britney hater seeing as you’re reaching as hard as possible to try and discredit her, but if Britney’s sales aren’t that special, then what does that say about Beyonce’s? I don’t have anything against her, but let’s start with her Destiny’s Child days. Britney, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls were all pulling huge 20+ million selling albums in the late 90s, while “The Writing’s On The Wall” barely sold 13 million and it’s not even among the top 10 best selling albums released in 1999. “Survivor” failed to outsell “Britney” despite having two huge #1 hits and two more Top 10s, and “Destiny Fulfilled” failed to outsell “In The Zone”.

    It’s funny how you’re acting like everybody was pulling huge 20 million albums in the late 90s when Beyonce, your own fave, barely sold 13 million with her best selling effort. What kind of self-drag is that? If Britney selling nearly 24 million copies with her debut album isn’t that special, then what does that say about “The Writings On The Wall” barely selling 13 million in a time when “everybody” was selling 20 million? No offense, but your logic is non-existent. Now as far as her solo career goes, her best selling solo effort “Dangerously In Love” failed to hit the 10 million mark in a time when Avril Lavigne, Norah Jones, Eminem, Evanescence, etc were all pulling huge 16-20 million selling albums (2002-2003). Beyonce’s solo debut sold less than Britney’s third album released only 1.5 years prior.

    Britney has sold over 75 million records worldwide since 2007 and that’s not even counting catalog sales, with catalog sales, she’s most likely sold around 90 million. Selling that many records 10-19 years into your career is hardly anything to put down, especially when 2 of her albums (Blackout and Britney Jean) weren’t promoted at all. At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, whether she debuted in 1999 or 2009, Britney has sold more albums than any of her peers except Eminem. That’s not gonna change any time soon, so you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

    Pretty sure this isn’t ATRL, so stop trying to start petty stan wars by bringing up Beyonce in a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with her. Grow up.

  5. Where does the 14 million RIAA certification for BOMT in the US come from? The album sold 12 million combined with both Nielsen and BMG Music Club sales. I thought albums which were big sellers on BMG tended to not be on Columbia House and vice versa, indeed, were Britney’s albums even available from Columbia? So where does the extra two million from BOMT come from?

  6. Hi!! amazing job! Can you please post the sales for Femme Fatale, Britney Jean and Glory? Thank you very much ^^

  7. Britney stans are embarassing. Beyonce was breaking records in the 90s with a girl group. Just as Britney. When Bey went solo in 2003, she outsold all of Britney’s cocurrent era’s. Hell Survivor outsold Britney’s self titled over the years.

    Why is that so hard to accept? Beyonce won best female artist of the 2000s. She was behind Britney and Mariah as far as soundscan album sales for the 90s/2000s.

    1. If you have a brain, a pair or working eyes and some reading comprehension, it’s easy to notice that all of this Beyoncé-Britney chitchat started because of your fellow Beyoncé fan ‘Aurora’ who decided to come here and shade Britney left and right and belittle her achievements for no apparent reason. So COME AGAIN about Britney fans being embarrassing? Care to comment about the behaviour of the Beyoncé fan ‘Aurora’? Like, stop being biased for a second people.

      “Survivor” outselling “Britney” is just wishful thinking from you. It didn’t happen in the real world. Here are the up-to-date numbers provided by MJD 😉

      Survivor – 10,000,000
      Britney – 10,105,000

      “Beyonce was breaking records in the 90s with a girl group. Just as Britney”

      Not sure what kind of records you’re talking about but reading this you’d think DC’s achievements and Britney’s were on the same level.

      Not really interested in the “top artist of the 2000s” discussion. Just keep in mind that Britney sold more albums and grossed more on tour. And the gap isn’t small in those 2 metrics.

      1. Yet yall were arguing under Britney’s original CSPC article and Beyonce’s article from December.

        The argument yall have is that Britney is the biggest fenale artist of this generation because of her sales from 1999-2001. Its been proven that an act like Beyonce was a decent seller during the teen pop craze then consistently sold over the decades while Britney has not.

        1. But why didn’t Beyonce sell those records as a solo artist from 1999-2001? Was she incapable?

          Beyonce starts outselling Britney when Britney is on her fourth album while Beyonce is on her first album?

          This means that Taylor Swift started passing Beyonce by 2006.

          1. Destimy’s Child was selling well as as a girl group while Britney was seling more in 1999. In 2001 however, “Survivor” sold more than Britney’s self titled.

            After being told she didnt have any hits to break solo, Beyonce debuted in 2003 and started outselling Britney for 15 years now.

            So far neither Taylor or Britney have outsold Beyonce’s career total.

            Taylor is indeed big in her own lane. Just like Britney was.

      2. Wow at Britney selling a whole 100k more than Survivor in physicals. Both had declined while Britney had the bigger peak in 1999 at this point.

        Anyway according to the same site, Britney’s catalog isn’t as strong.


        2003 and forward was history.

        1. But in 2009, at the end of the 2000s, The Circus Tour outgrossed the I…Am World Tour when Beyonce was fresh off Single Ladies. So Beyonce couldn’t have been bigger than Britney Spears until the 2010s.

          And again, you cannot compare a group to a solo artist. This isn’t done with the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, a bigger artists than Destiny’s Child and Beyonce, respectively. (Britney still sold more albums than Beyonce and Destiny’s Child combined in the 2000s)

    2. Why are Beyonce fans incorporating Destiny’s Child stats into Beyonce’s stats? Isn’t this embarrassing? Jackson 5 sales are never conflated with Michael Jackson sales.

      Is this because if Beyonce started as a solo artist like Britney she would have been forgotten about today?

      Bottom Line: Britney sold more albums than Beyonce in the 2000s and grossed more on tour than Beyonce in the 2000s.

      1. Beyonce stans are always dragging Britney stans for using “dusty” receipts from 1999-2000, yet they have no problem incorporating “dusty” Destiny’s Child stats into Beyonce’s stats to make her career seem bigger than it actually is. Without Destiny’s Child, Beyonce hasn’t even outsold Christina Aguilera, so it’s understandable.

        1. Christina has 45 million album equivalents.

          Beyonce has 62 million.
          Destiny’s Child has 45 million.

          Why so bitter to discredit Beyonce?

    3. Hi again duxi91

      In the 2000s
      -Britney sold way more albums than Beyonce
      -Britney had much, much bigger global hits than Beyonce
      -Britney grossed more on tour than Beyonce

      Beyonce only beat Britney on the Hot 100, and that was mostly due to payola. Would you say Meghan Trainor’s “Thank You” era was bigger than the “Lemonade” era just because it did better on the Hot 100/airplay, despite the latter selling (a lot) more albums and grossing (a lot) more on tour? No? I don’t think so.

      And you’re one to talk about embarrassing, trying to bait other stans in a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with Beyonce. No offense, but aren’t you 25?

      By the way….
      #1 Eminem
      #2 Britney Spears 😉

  8. As for the touring argument, Britney toured more and had albums to support. She was #21 on the decade charts for 1999-2009 at 216 million. From 2003-2010, Beyonce grossed 230 million with less solo material and albums at the time. Obviously Bey missed the deadline.

    Also Destiny’s Child farewell tour broke a record for highest selling and attendance for a girl group in 2004.

    1. You’re wrong again because if you insist on adding Destiny’s Child stats to Beyonce stats, that means Beyonce and Destiny’s Child released 7 original albums during the 2000s compared to Britney’s 5 original albums and still sold less than Britney Spears…Combined.

      So which argument is it: Beyonce and Destiny’s Child releasing more albums combined and still selling less than Britney in the 2000s or Britney going on tour more and thus grossing more than Beyonce?

      Do fans add Jackson 5 stats to Michael Jackson or NSYNC to Justin Timberlake?

      Bottom line: Britney had the bigger album than Beyonce in the 2000s at the beginning of the decade and finished the decade by having the bigger tour than Beyonce.

  9. Bey is clearly bigger than Britney. You can take into account all the streams, digital sales and physical single sales you want but the industry isn’t close to being as healthy as in 2000.

    From MJD –

    Second, it’s easy to claim Britney is the biggest of “her generation” when she started 4 years ahead of Beyoncé and released 4 more albums. What’s more, that 4 years lead happened at the all-time peak of the industy while Beyoncé started when the market started to slow down. When Dangerously In Love came out, Britney Spears had accumulated way, way more than 40 million equivalent album sales which means she is ahead today only thanks to the advance she started with. From 2003 to date Beyoncé is on 61,9 million equivalent album sales with 6 albums, Britney on 31 million, less than half, with one more album.

    Third, “she is” the biggest of her generation. She was, yes. She is, no. At present, she is far from being the biggest female artist in her 30s. Can we really call her the biggest from her generation over a period of 17 years when she has been crushed for 15 of them?

    Fourth, “most successful”. Most successful isn’t the same as best selling. If we define the CSPC total of both artists achieved each individual year and weight it as per the market of the related year, we will most likely found out that Beyoncé 61,7m equivalent albums have a similar or bigger weight in the music industry since 2003 than Britney 97m have since 1999. The Backstreet Boys easily outperformed Coldplay overall as just like Britney they enjoyed the late 90s market madness, I don’t think anyone would claim they have been the most successful band of the two though.

    Britney’s ‘big’ sales/CSPC are only due to her releasing yearly bubblegum pop albums in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Nobody except Britney fans think that had no impact on Britney’s career. She came and went with bubblegum pop just like the majority of other bubblegum acts.

    MJD, off topic – but you clearly underestimated Love Story’s digital sales in Taylor Swift’s CSPC article.

    1. Beyonce stans keep using the market excuse as if Beyonce debuted in 2010 or something. She debuted in 2003 when sales were still huge, give me a break. In 2002-2003, you had Norah Jones selling 23 million, Eminem selling 21 million, Avril Lavigne selling 17 million, Evanescence selling 16 million, Coldplay selling 14 million, etc. In 2004, Usher and Green Day were both selling 15 million, while Kelly Clarkson and Norah Jones were both selling 12 million. Fast forward 2 years later when Beyonce released B’Day, Amy Winehouse was selling 13 million, Justin Timberlake was selling 10 million, the High School Musical soundtrack was selling 9 million, Nelly Furtado was selling nearly 9 million, etc while B’Day sold 6 million with a re-release. In 2008-2010, you had Lady Gaga selling 16 million and Taylor Swift + Coldplay both selling 10 million while Beyonce was selling 7 million (again with a re-release).

      Now, let’s check self-titled and Lemonade and see how they compare to other albums released around the same time (I don’t even have to talk about 4, as we all know how that went)

      2012-2014 albums:
      Taylor Swift – 1989 – 10,000,000
      Frozen Soundtrack – 10,000,000
      Ed Sheeran – x – 8,000,000
      Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox – 6,800,000
      Taylor Swift – Red – 6,800,000
      One Direction – Take Me Home – 6,300,000
      Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour – 6,200,000
      P!nk – The Truth About Love – 6,000,000
      One Direction – Midnight Memories – 5,250,000
      Lana Del Rey – Born To Die – 5,000,000
      Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – 4,700,000
      Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience – 4,500,000
      Beyonce – BEYONCE – 4,000,000

      2015-2017 albums:
      Adele – 25 – 20,000,000
      Justin Bieber – Purpose – 5,500,000
      Ed Sheeran – Divide – 4,000,000
      One Direction – Made in the A.M – 2,700,000
      Beyonce – Lemonde – 2,500,000

      While they both did great for their time, it’s not like other artists weren’t selling much, much more, thus making the market excuse invalid and a bit desperate. 

      In the 2010s, Adele, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble and Taylor Swift are pulling bigger numbers than Beyonce ever did. So while the market did the decline, it’s ridiculous that you think there was such a massive difference from 2000 and 2003. Also, why are you ignoring the fact that Britney was affected by the market decline as well? 

      You can keep trying to re-write history and making up excuses, but fact is, Britney has sold more than Beyonce, and that will never change, at least not this century. I don’t have anything against Beyonce, but it’s a shame that her immature stans such as yourself have nothing better to do with their time than posting about their fave in a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with her. Why are you guys always starting sh*t? Was it really necessary to bring her up here? Though it’s not surprising coming from Haribo, a person who has made more than 50 Britney topics on ATRL and continues to obsess over her career and sales that Beyonce will never reach. Hopefully one day, Beyonce’s entire discography will outsell, or at least match the sales of Britney’s first two albums, then perhaps you won’t be so bitter anymore.

      PS: Even if you want to use CSPC to make up for the market decline and to take everything into account, Britney still wins:

      …Baby One More Time (30,895,000) vs Dangerously In Love (14,801,000)
      Oops!… I Did It Again (23,030,000) vs B’Day (11,230,000)
      Britney (12,446,000) vs I Am… Sasha Fierce (14,670,000)
      In The Zone (12,675,000) vs 4 (6,853,000)
      Blackout (3,496,000) vs BEYONCE (7,267,000)
      Circus (6,172,000) vs Lemonade (3,497,000)

      Britney: 4
      Beyonce: 2

      Now on topic, can’t wait for Britney’s updated CSPC article. 😉

      1. 1. Your post would have been taken more seriously had you not inflated some sales and deflated Beyoncé’s (IASF sold than 7.7 million, according to MJD).
        2. Most of the artists you mentioned were – any for many, just one era – phenomens. Where are they now? What are they selling now? (Britney is lowkey pretty much in the same boat. She came and went with bubblegum pop. Her catalog stats are, as we all know, horrible.)
        3. The re-release of I Am… Sasha Fierce hardly had any impact on its sales. It wasn’t promoted and nothing was released from it (unlike Gaga’s The Fame Monster).

        Sure, beside Lemonade, no Beyoncé album was ever the best-selling album of its year. But, breaking news, it’s the same for Britney. The difference is Beyoncé’s albums are still in the top 10 sellers of their respective years unlike Britney since the last time she had it was in 2001 with Britney (I doubt In the Zone would make the top 10 of 2003 considering it failed to reach 7 million, according to MJD).

        Yet again, MJD doesn’t use its CSPC methodology to really compare success (sales and success are not the same thing) from different periods because like I said before, you can take all the streams, digital sales and physical single sales you want, 2017 sales figures aren’t even remotely as close as they were in 1999/2000/2001, the years Britney had her peak.

        But it’s honestly not surprising to see Britney fans use/appropriate a methodology to make it seem like Britney was (the fact some think she IS is truly a joke) bigger than anyone. Crazy that they still deny that Britney didn’t benefit from the healthy state of the music industry (and obviously also of the bubblegum pop trend). On the other hand, they’ll be first to say to anyone: “Britney’s early 2000s single sales are low because sales sucked then,” which is obviously true, but it’s also true when it comes to albums, which matter a lot in CSPC.

        PS: I didn’t bring Beyoncé up first.

        1. If she came and went with bubblegum pop, why is Toxic her most successful song ever?

          Let’s also not pretend that she’s one of the 10 greatest female digital single sellers ever; that has nothing to do with teen bubble gum pop because it’s not the same era.

          Also, Britney’s Circus Tour out-grossed Beyonce’s acclaimed I…Am World Tour in 2009, at the end of the 2000s decade. Again, nothing to do with teen pop.

          So when you add it all up, Britney started the decade ahead of Beyonce and finished the decade ahead of Beyonce.

          1. Let’s also not pretend that she *isn’t one of the 10 greatest female digital single sellers ever; that has nothing to do with teen bubble gum pop because it’s not the same era.

          2. Toxic is by no means Britney’s most successful song ever. BOMT easily is followed by Scream & Shout. Toxic is considered as Britney’s best song and is less embarrassing to listen to for lots of people.

            Nobody denied that Britney didn’t have success after the bubblegum pop era and she sure had success during the downloads era. But acting like the healthy state of the industry didn’t hugely helped her is beyond ridiculous.

            Britney finishing the 2000s ahead of Beyoncé is a joke that only Britney fans believe. Just like MJD previously said, “Circus was a nice comeback but that’s in comparison to the huge flop that was Blackout.”

        2. And Destiny’s Child just road the coatails of En Vogue, TLC, SWV and those r&b groups that paved the way for them. It’s no coincidence that they had no competition.

          1. So Destiny’s Child count now? Make up your mind. Anyway, you cannot discredit them just like that, they are part of Beyonce’s career, like it or not. Beyonce is ahead of Britney in everything sans albums sales (and with DC sales combined, she is not far away from Britney) – singles sales, touring, respect, influence, streams, views, awards, so yes, BEYONCE IS MORE SUCCESSFUL OVERALL.

            Like I said, ALBUMS SALES wise, Britney is a huge flop in the digital era, no amount of essays from her fans can change that. Blackout was a huge flop. Only Circus did somewhat ok, but it was not a huge comeback at all. On the contrary, it was an underperfomance by all means. 3.9 million in 2008 huge? No ma’am. Fearless, I Am Sasha Fierce, Good Girl Gone Bad, The Fame buried it alive. A huge comeback is Confessions On a Dancefloor or The Emancipation of Mimi. Femme Fatale flopped hard too, again being scalped by Talk That Talk, 4 (Britney fans called that a huge flop), Born This Way, Teenage Dream, Red, 21. No need to comment on Britney Jean and Glory. Whenever she released with other girls, they ate her alive and she came last with the worst selling album.

            And to that person who wrote about her singles sales, they are not impressive at all. None of her albums sold over 20 million singles. Only Circus (as era) did decent numbers singles wise, the rest didn’t. Her peers like P!nk, Bey, Avril, Alicia managed huge selling singles in the digital era. Womanizer is her highest with ~7.5 million units. Decent, but nothing out of this world. Eras like GGGB or IASF did over 40+ million singles, The Fame over 60+ million, so did TD.

            And big LOL at the same person who compares SPS of Baby One More Time to Dangerously In Love or Circus to Lemonade. No amount of streams, singles sales is enough to make up for the sales climate drastic decline and loss. In 2017, selling 1 million is considered a HUGE success, but back in the day it would be an embarrassing flop. The highest selling album of 2016 (Lemonade) did 2.5 million. Enough to see the state of the industry. Total albums sold in 2016 is 3x less than in 1999. Stop embarrassing yourself.

            Britney wasn’t a top dog during her peak either, Shania, Eminem, Backstreet Boys and many others were playing with her wig on the charts, after her bubblegum pop eras ended pretty much everyone did, including Beyonce too. And Adele is bigger than Britney by far. Her 20+ million selling albums are IMPRESSIVE because she is the only one achieving that feat while in the late 90s it wasn’t uncommon. No one else comes close to her (her slayage is comparable to Michael Jackson). Her peak is 100x bigger than the one of Britney. So, it’s not a shame to be below her when your fave is too.

            Whenever Britney fans talk about her success, the sentences always start with ‘Britney at her peak’. Wake up, you are more than a decade late! We are in 2017 and your fave cannot even crack 500k worldwide and she promoted the sh*t out of Glory. Beyonce is selling almost 10x more than her. How the tables turned. Not to mention their delusions about her iconic performances/looks/videos/hair/hair flips (only considered iconic and revolutionary by gay forums like ATRL, not real world). Come down to earth!

        3. Toxic is Britney Spears’ most successful song ever.

          The only thing BOMT has on Toxic is initial success…That’s it. (BOMT went number one in every country it charted in during the teen pop phenomenon while Toxic was still a respectable top 10 in every country it charted in during urban contemporary dominance)

          Toxic obliterates BOMT on Spotify and in recurrent radio plays and any other streaming format except Vevo(Solely due to BOMT’s music video) and will only continue to expand the gap.

          Scream & Shout is a feature; so there’s no comparison there.

          And like I wrote,The Circus Tour was the most commercially successful of her peers (Beyonce, P!nk, Christina) to close out the decade.

        4. Toxic is considered one of the greatest pop songs of all time and is Britney’s most successful song because it it crushes BOMT in recurrency.

          If Britney sold more than Beyonce during the 2000s and grossed more on tour than Beyonce during the 2000s, then she was the biggest female pop star of the 2000s.

          If were counting GLOBAL sales then we should also count GLOBAL charts.

          Britney Spears has more international number ones than Beyonce and Destiny’s Child COMBINED. And combined it’s still not close. Britney has nothing else to prove.

        5. Beyoncé numbers are inferior to Britney’s but Britney’s late records are few poor too.
          Only one Beyoncé album has sold more than 10 million of copies (albums).

          1. Sophie,

            Beyonce’s popularity was nothing more than the likes of Xtina but consistent. Britney at her top was the top dawg. Maybe stan was right when she said that Baby One More Time was the 2nd biggest selling album of 1999, only trailing BSB Millenium by a few hundred thousand copies. It still is no 2. Oops was no 2 best selling album of the year as well, only trailing Eminem. Beyonce never got to no 2, my feeling tells me she didnt even have a top 5 best seller in a year. She’s had mediocre album sales success albeit a consistent one. So at their peak, Britney was way bigger. Lets not even begin by telling Beyonce is still relevant. She isnt. Her hype and personal marriage is still relevant because its all over the media. But her album sales and her singles charts. I dont think so.

  10. Hey Haribo, MJD updated Britney’s album sales in France and “…BOMT” is now at 720k.
    Doesn’t that number remind you of someone else’s total career album sales in that country? 😉

  11. Fact is Beyoncé in her 20 year career has outsold, outgrossed, out streamed, out earned and outlasted Britney. And that’s a FACT. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    1. I know that by “Beyoncé in her 20 year career” you mean to sneak in Destiny’s Child stats but unfortunately even with her group’s sales, her album total is still inferior to Britney’s. There goes the most important bit, “outsold”. 🙁

      Check your receipts before trying to shove them down people’s throats as facts.

    2. Missy,
      Britney Spears first 6 albums CSPC:
      BOMT = 30,842
      OIDIA = 22,845
      Britney = 12,976
      ITZ = 11,912
      Blackout = 4,380
      Circus = 6,930
      Total = 89,885

      All of Beyonce’s 6 studio albums :
      DIL = 15, 561
      B’day = 12,585
      IASF = 16,935
      4 = 7,818
      Beyonce = 7,902
      Lemonade = 3,817
      Total = 64,618

      Britney’s all 9 studio albums :
      BOMT = 30,842
      OIDIA = 22,845
      Britney = 12,976
      ITZ = 11,912
      Blackout = 4,380
      Circus = 6,930
      FF= 4,251
      BJ = 1,279
      Glory = 709
      Total = 96,124

      Beyonce + DC first 9 studio albums :
      Destiny’s Child = 3,264
      TWOTW = 17,931
      Survivor = 14,498
      Destiny’s Fulfilled = 8,529
      DIL = 15, 561
      B’day = 12,585
      IASF = 16,935
      4 = 7,818
      Beyonce = 7,902
      Total = 105,023

      Britney’s solo career would make Beyonce’s solo career looks pathetic. Beyonce did beat Britney if you consider DC + Beyonce, but by a small margin. However, why are Beyonce fans so desperate to add DC into her total? Are Beyonce fans so inferior that they are not confident that as a solo she does not have strong enough sales or spotify views or single sales that they have to bring up DC.

      Hey, I never heard any MJ fans brought along MJ + Jackson 5 sales to highlight MJ records achievement. Because everybody knew, that MJ is a strong enough albums, singles, etc sellers. Even Sir Paul Mccartney fans are not inferior to total up his record sales with the Beatles. If we add Beyonce + DC sales and compare it to Britney. Should we also add Paul Mccartney + The Beatles sales and compare it to someone like Madonna or MJ or Elvis Presley? Does that means that Sir Paul Mccartney are more successful than Madonna or MJ? Lol. Of course he is not. We should judge people like Paul Mccartney, MJ and Beyonce strictly by their solo career. Lets not give Beyonce the special treatment ok.

      Plus, I am so f-ing fed up with Beyonce fans trying to discredit Britney’s achievement. Why are you people so desperate? If you think that Beyonce is really the queen of the 00s, than you all wouldnt be here on Britney’s page trying to discredit her and make as if Beyonce is better than Brtiney. The fact that you people came all the way here to bash Britney, just proves that you people are inferior and at the back of your mind, you all knew that Britney was the bigger artist of the decade, and definitely bigger career than Beyonce’s solo discography.

      PS : You people are making me hate Beyonce. Because everytime there’s a praise on Britney’s achievement in Chartmasters, Youtube and recently Breatheheavy, a Britney Spears fans webpage (Can u see how desperate Beyonce stans are. Lol) makes me really3 annoyed. Beyonce is a kind nice person, but her fans are making people gets really annoyed with her. I also saw a lot of Beyonce comparisons of her vocal talent on a Celine Dion video. Like give me a break.

  12. Britney wasnt Madonna, but she has longevity: 1998-2004. 2008-2011. Katy Perry (2008-2013). Lady Gaga (2008-2011). Christina Aguilera (1999-2003).

    MJD where are you? Are you ok? We miss you!

  13. Britney’s numbers.

    Baby One More Time= 30,5m
    Oops! I did It Again= 24 m
    In The Zone=10m
    Greatest Hits MP= 6m
    The Singles Collection=0,8
    Femme Fatale=3,0m
    Britney Jean=0,9

    1. Hi again Sophie,

      Same than on Aguilera’s post comment, do not believe everything you read. Those wishful thinkings are ridiculous to say the least.

      1. No. I work in music industry I know the market doesn’t follow the sells for old records. There are albums have sold more than certification telling us but again they don’t follow the sells.

          1. I’m in the real world, actually I work in that music market world and I know what I’m talking about.

            Yes, Baby One More Time hasn’t sold 40 million of copies of some fans of her tell us but the album really has sold more than 30.
            It’s the same with Mickael Jackson, Thriller has not sold more than 100 million copies however it’s sold more than 60m of album copies.

            In many countries (including USA) people can buy records in supermarket and most of them aren’t considered for official music certification. For example in my shop Like A Virgin has sold the copies for 3 platinum but it is still on 2 platinum and that is because music certification of the country is not interesting to follow the sells for old records.

          2. Come on, you are embarrassing yourself. With your figures, it is obviously for 95% of the readers of this website that you don’t know a thing about charts and sales. Can someone seriously get Beyonce’s Lemonade sales wrong by 50% when IFPI just ended to announce its sales? You aren’t even scratching the surface, you are barely copy/pasting the first nonsense you read in the web and claiming you are in the know. That is plain ridiculous.

  14. IFPI doesn’t count every sold and I imagine you know that. Lemonade hasn’t not sold 2,2m but not 5 as her fans say. God!

    1. Maybe the IFPI does not “Count every sold” like you said. But its one of the most credible source in the world if not the most. So you work in the music industry. Where did you get you figures, where did you get your facts? Out of thin air?

  15. Britney sold 100 million equivalent albums. What matter what her haters say? She will remain the only female artist of her generation to have sold 100 million for at least ten more years. And it is possible that none female artist of her generation will ever reach it.

    1. Mjd, Britney is the female artist of her generation (where I dont include Rihanna or Adele) who has sold more equivalent albums. I know that does not make her the most successful, but for how many more years do you think she will keep this achievement?

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