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As early as in 2013, before the Billboard and the OCC, I have been publishing figures of streaming in sales equivalent. Thus, I feel fully legitimate to support their inclusion and the relevance of methodologies involving them.

On this aim of relevancy, chart providers of several countries lost the real indicators that matters – the raw ones. The total of a CSPC analysis is barely the result of a calculation. The relevant information is raw data of physical, download and streaming sales. It is absolutely fundamental to always secure this raw data to be free to apply a newly adjusted methodology once the market evolved.

All CSPC articles already display this raw data, the Introduction article will also be adjusted when needed to remain ever-relevant. Updates to this article will be tracked here with one new page for each fix too, just like erroneous figures.

In order to inform users of all fixes, each page addition for both cases will be notified on Twitter. Make sure to follow our account to avoid missing an update on your favorite artist figures! If a fix happens to impact strongly various artists, this article will be put in sticky for a couple of days at the top of the homepage to make it visible.

As you can see, your updates matter so feel free to comment as usual! Time for me to go back working on MC article, in-between, continue to enjoy already published content!

6 thoughts on “CSPC: Sales & Formulas Fixing Log”

  1. I really admire your great work! I can not find a better, more accurate place of data. I was wondering, though. Will you update Linkin Park’s sales once their new album, “One More Light ” gets released? I would love to see their updated numbers since they seem to be having a bit of a comeback on the charts.

  2. Fantastic job on all the work u have done thus far. My question is will u update each artist when they release new downloads/ albums as well as add new artists to the ones already completed?

  3. I love this page and your work!

    But sometimes i think you hate Fred from Mediatraffic hahaha, but is TRUE! His page is very disappointing.

    Please Michael Jackson and Mariah for next!

    And one more… edit Madonna’s charts! Please, please, please!

  4. i’ve always wondered if the method to calculate how many titles each artist sold would also be helpful in clarifying numbers a bit. something like equivalent total tracks sold where

    each album would be for example equivalent to 12 tracks,
    each physical single on average equivalent to 2 tracks
    and each digital single would be equivalent to 1 track.

    but then it would be unfair for artists who release albums comprised of 16 titles instead of 12 and some release just 10 titles per album. so the equations would not be fixed for all artists. but it would give a nice statistic as well.

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