Next CSPC Artists – Vote for yours!


47 thoughts on “Next CSPC Artists – Vote for yours!”

  1. Voted for Calvin, P!nk and MJ.

    Would be incredibly interesting to see if MJ could challenge The Beatles and how much he’s done on CSPC.

    P!nk has been active and successful during the physical, digital and streaming era, so I Would be curious to see how she performs with the CSPC formulas.

    As for Calvin he’s had several hit singles for years now but not so great albums sales, so I Wonder how it would translate in the CSPC field

  2. Mariah is waiting to be treated! I would love if you would also comment on her “special status” in Asia when you analyse her to show that the Asian market was way bigger and overall more important in the 90s for artists like Mariah or Michael Jackson than today.

  3. Voted for Little Mix, P!nk and Michael Jackson.

    It’s a real shame you dislike Kylie Minogue so much that she doesn’t even appear on the list… She’s got an interesting career to analyze with your method though.

    1. Hi Mirai!

      Definitely no hate against Kylie 😉

      There has been no request for her in recent weeks so I simply forgot to include her and she hasn’t pop out of the best selling lists I have.

      I’ll most likely be compiling the Top 2/3 artists coming out of each poll. Then, after completing that batch, I’ll re-do a second round of votes, removing acts that got near 0 vote and replacing them with the likes Kylie, Sade, Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith etc. As you can see, there is tons of big artists missing still!!!

      1. Oh that’s really good to know!! Thank you for that. I hope people vote for her so that she gets analyzed soon. I’m longing to see what the results would be!

  4. I have chosen my favourites, but honestly I wouldn’t complain if you did others. The more the better! I love this blog 🙂

  5. I vote for:

    Miley Cyrus
    Selena Gomez
    Ariana Grande
    Demi Lovato

    Those girls are always being compared to each other, so it would be good to take a look at what CM have for them.

    + Jonas Brothers e Hilary Duff if that’s possible

  6. Can you one day do
    Frank Sinatra
    Bing Crosby
    Elvis presley
    I can’t find much reliable stats for either of them.

  7. Going with a British trifecta here: Little Mix, Radiohead and Queen. I have others but mostly these since I haven’t really seen a full up to date sales breakdown for them… well moreso the last two.

    Others I’d like to see later: RHCP, Janet, Mariah, Alanis, Pink, Usher, No Doubt/Gwen Stefani and MJ.

  8. Hi, I vote for Miley Cyrus! I hope you check her next! If you do, will you include her Hannah Montana soundtracks? She was the only person singing in all of them

    1. I’m wondering this too! Im quite excited to see all the winners…especially Janet Jackson. Ive been waiting for her ever since I started reading this site several months ago haha

  9. Hey MJD, love your site, it’s an encyclopedia!

    I’m all for Janet. Hope you’ll analyze her career really soon. 🙂
    Apart from her, Ariana, Mariah, MJ…

    Anyway, you’re doing an amazing job! 😉

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