CSPC: The Weeknd Popularity Analysis


Digital Singles Sales

Among all acts studied so far, The Weeknd is the first for who, not only the physical market but also the digital market, had already peaked when he issued Trilogy.

The resulting sales of his biggest hits are consequently limited in comparison to similar hits 5 years earlier, although each Earned It, Can’t Feel My Face and The Hills are 4 million sellers. With 37 million download singles overall the singer performed very well within the last three years.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Trilogy (2012) – 810,000 equivalent albums

Wicked Games – 1,200,000
Remaining tracks – 4,200,000

Kiss Land (2013) – 300,000 equivalent albums

Remaining tracks – 2,000,000

Beauty Behind the Madness (2015) – 2,175,000 equivalent albums

Can’t Feel My Face – 4,600,000
The Hills – 4,600,000
Often – 1,500,000
In The Night – 1,100,000
Acquainted – 500,000
Remaining tracks – 2,200,000

Starboy (2016) – 270,000 equivalent albums

Starboy – 1,400,000
Remaining tracks – 400,000

Orphan Album – 1,995,000 equivalent albums

Crew Love – 900,000
Remember You – 500,000
Elastic Heart – 2,700,000
Or Nah – 1,100,000
Love Me Harder – 2,400,000
Earned It
 – 4,300,000
Low Life
 – 700,000
Remaining tracks – 700,000

5 thoughts on “CSPC: The Weeknd Popularity Analysis”

  1. Considering that The Weekend only achieved his breakthrough less than 3 years ago, his results are pretty impressive! Also, Starboy with almost 2m copies in one week is amazing, and will increase a lot with the upcoming holdiday season.

    I imagine acts that have debuted or broke through in these past few years (eg. Ariana Grande) will have similar sales distribution as The Weekend (streaming taking up large portion of their sales, with rather weak album sales)

    Once again, fantastic job MJD! I really hope you’d do an analysis on Tupac soon, considering he’ll have a biopic coming out soon and the fact that you haven’t done any analysis on rappers (aside from Eminem). Though a majority of sales will mainly be focused on North America, it would be interesting to see how the late legend has achieved with his output.

    Looking forward for your next project! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yawn! These newbies’ numbers aren’t impressive AT ALL, most of their sales come from Spotify. Please, make one about Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera o Prince. That would be more interesting.

    1. Hi LT,

      I’ll have to disagree. Spotify, Wallmart or iTunes, it doesn’t matter. That music gets consumed and brings in money to the music industry now that matters! Within’ one or two years Beauty Behind the Madness will be higher than anything Mariah released in 15 years and higher than anything ever issued by Kylie Minogue so that can’t be overlooked really.

    2. Weeknd’s music videos push almost 1 billion views on youtube, the artists you mention have none in that stratosphere even with many, many more years to soak and accumulate views. It’s only one venue, but it allows you to see numbers in an apples-to-apples comparison to get an idea of scale.

      Catch up bruh, weeknd might be the next MJ

  3. Hi everyone!

    Here are the 4 The Weeknd’s tracks that have generated the most sales:
    1 2015 Can’t Feel My Face [Beauty Behind the Madness] – 2,170,000
    2 2015 The Hills [Beauty Behind the Madness] – 1,890,000
    3 2015 Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) [Beauty Behind the Madness] – 1,530,000
    4 2016 Starboy [Starboy] – 1,030,000

    The top 3 comes from “Beautiful Behind the Madness”, which is his the first real success.
    “Starboy” (track) is now #4, but was released in September and the album only in November. We can easily say that this song will go higher in this ranking very soon!

    If you have any questions / remarks, do not hesitate to let a comment!

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