Understanding: Worldwide Estimations Information

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Deutsche Kinemathek

VI) The case of Germany

Very little data comes out about Germany to say the least. Thus, all figures listed for this country refer to certifications only. The problem is that certifications are based on shipment rather than on retail sales. The nature of German information is closer to the one of Brazil in that sense, but there are still relevant gaps.

Among notable differences there is that the official certifications of Germany include both album formats, physical and digital. It excludes streaming though. Another difference is that this figure is published with a plateau-logic. For Brazil, each shipment figure is exact, we can know if the album shipped 26,000 or 27,000 units. For Germany, a Gold award representing 100,000 units shipped will in reality mean anything from 100,000 to 199,999 units. It may even represent more than 200,000 units if the major never applied for an additional certification, while the Brazilian figure is always available.

This German situation will be the same as the one of various more European markets like Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

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  1. Now double album in Poland is counted like one album. So double album will require 10,000 units shipped to be awarded a Gold plaque.

  2. In Sweden the album certifications also include individual track downloads.
    Source: http://www.ifpi.se/wp-content/uploads/Guld-och-Platina-guide-ver2-20115.pdf

    Swedish text translated into English by using Google translator:
    “Rules for releases from January 1, 2010
    Rules for certificate – Album
    For album titled Y, the following are included:
    1. Sale of different versions of physical albums Y.
    2. Download bundle corresponding first
    3. For an artist albums: Download / streaming of tracks from the album under 2. crediting
    may take place regardless of whether they played / downloaded from the single, album or collection. Only Downloads / Streaming made no earlier than six months before the album’s release date may be counted.
    4. compilation / “Best of” (non-artist album): Download / streaming of tracks made from the specific album, from its release date may be counted.
    5. For individual Downloads / Streaming under 3, they may only be credited to the
    an artist album.”


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    I agree that Mediatraffic is not very precise but when you want to know more or less estimations of sales, it’s the only website where we can refer
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