CSPC: Norah Jones Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

2002 Come Away With Me – 23,900,000
2004 Feels Like Home – 11,500,000
2007 Not Too Late – 4,400,000
2009 The Fall – 2,200,000
2012 Little Broken Hearts – 1,150,000
2016 Day Breaks – 400,000

There is two ways to look at those figures. The positive eye will mention how 43,55 million album sales from 6 albums only is extraordinary. The negative one will notice each album struggles to sell half of its predecessor and the trend doesn’t seem to reach its end. A dip in popularity had to be expected after such a monster debut album but it was still faster than forecasted. In fact, an album like Not Too Late never managed to sell to consumers all advance orders of retailers in various countries like in the US which shows a really disappointing result from a commercial point of view.

No doubt, Day Breaks isn’t the best selling album from 2016 with 400,000 units shipped to date and possibly not many more to be shipped in the future. It is not necessarily that bad if Norah Jones has been able to compensate the pure album sales collapse with strong digital results in both singles downloads and streaming as others like Maroon 5 or Justin Bieber did.

Our goal is to get a real understanding of sales figures. Obviously, a 23,9 million selling album can’t be define as something else than a massive success. Still, while Come Away With Me is the biggest selling studio album of the 00s, is it really the most successful one? In our to date CSPC summary, the leading pack was the one below.

1 2000 EminemThe Marshall Mathers LP – 29,577,000
2 2000 Linkin ParkHybrid Theory – 29,366,000
3 2008 Lady GagaThe Fame / The Fame Monster – 28,697,000

Will Come Away With Me happen to be the biggest album out of this list after factoring in all information?

6 thoughts on “CSPC: Norah Jones Popularity Analysis”

  1. Hi dear MJD !!!

    Congratulations again for the website, well after just two days you have published CSPC analysis Norah Jones I’m really very fast, quick, I’d appreciate if you post every 2 days some singer or group, that would be great. I am very astonished by your great wisdom, you are an encyclopedia of music.
    Then as you did for the compilation Gold (ABBA) that you analyzed in detail for each country with the respective image or album cover; could you do the same with the three famous and important compilations of Beatles that are The Beatles 1 (One); 1962-1966 (The Red Album); 1967-1970 (The Blue Album) ? I would be really grateful !!!
    Then after Norah Jones what singer or group do you analyze ?

    1. Hello Anthony,

      I think that by now everyone got that you are expecting a Beatles analysis ;p

      It will take a couple of months from now to get everything done the good way. Norah Jones is an easy case with a few albums only and released recently with data fully accessible. It still takes roughly 3 hours per album to complete such a study, while I also have a job outside handling Chartmasters.org plus I’m off several weekends a year like this present one.

      From now I’ll be posting compilations breakdowns as soon as they topped the 10 million mark, which obviously includes the three Beatles sets you mentioned.

      In the pipeline is the Rolling Stones too as I want to post their article before the release of their new album. Drake, Alicia Keys, Robbie Williams and Sia will be coming too plus David Bowie and Whitney Houston for the 1 & 5th ‘anniversary’ of their passing. I do not have a frozen schedule as depending on the free time I have I’ll go for an artist with a softer or a deeper discography!

      1. Certain dear MJD, indeed I apologize to you for my insistence, I also ask why the Beatles are the artists who have sold more ‘discs of all but I do not think they sold more’ than a billion records as many sources cite type wikipedia. I think between albums and singles have sold about 500-600 million records. I believe that the Beatles will not be analyzed before Christmas.
        Then as I understand the next artists analyzed are the Rolling Stones. Did I guess ?

  2. Hi everyone!

    Here are the 10 Norah’s tracks that have generated the most sales:
    1 2002 Come Away with Me [Come Away with Me] – 6,990,000
    2 2002 Don’t Know Why [Come Away with Me] – 6,550,000
    3 2004 Sunrise [Feels Like Home] – 5,770,000
    4 2002 Turn Me On [Come Away with Me] – 2,790,000
    5 2002 Seven Years [Come Away with Me] – 1,480,000
    6 2002 Feelin’ the Same Way [Come Away with Me] – 1,320,000
    7 2002 Shoot the Moon [Come Away with Me] – 1,190,000
    8 2004 What Am I to You? [Feels Like Home] – 1,120,000
    9 2004 Creepin’ In [Feels Like Home] – 940,000
    10 2002 The Nearness of You [Come Away with Me] – 900,000

    If you have any questions / remarks, do not hesitate to let a comment!

  3. Hi everyone !!!

    Hello dear friends of ChartMasters, as already mentioned in many previous post on your website, your site is wonderful, is the site that most ‘often look at, I would like to know if this week
    you analyze some singer or group.
    I hope you answer me and sorry for my too much curiosity and insistence !!!

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