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It has been seven months since I introduced to you the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept, nicknamed CSPC. With Maroon 5 analysis posting, we are up to 25 such in-depth artist studies. It is time for those acts to clash together in order to compile a Top 25 list, plus various additional albums and artists related rankings.

It may be tedious to run over all pages of chartmasters.org to get back a specific information. While I suggest you to use the search function or all tagged categories from the menu or articles themselves which are truly efficient, a comprehensive list is quite welcome.

We will start by the artist ranking, from the last one to the overall leader. Each artist page will include a several statistics about him plus the link to the fully detailed article. After that artist overall ranking, various pages will display specific rankings listed below:

Artists Ranking – Overall CSPC Sales
Artists Ranking – Studio Albums Sales
Artists Ranking – Remaining full length records Sales
Artists Ranking – Physical Singles Sales
Artists Ranking – Download Singles Sales
Artists Ranking – Streaming Sales
Albums Ranking – 1960s Top CSPC Sales
Albums Ranking – 1970s Top CSPC Sales
Albums Ranking – 1980s Top CSPC Sales
Albums Ranking – 1990s Top CSPC Sales
Albums Ranking – 2000s Top CSPC Sales
Albums Ranking – 2010s Top CSPC Sales
Albums Ranking – Studio Albums Sales
Albums Ranking – Remaining full length records Sales
Albums Ranking – Physical Singles Sales
Albums Ranking – Download Singles Sales
Albums Ranking – Streaming Sales
Albums Ranking – Overall CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – 1960s Top CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – 1970s Top CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – 1980s Top CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – 1990s Top CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – 2000s Top CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – 2010s Top CSPC Sales
Singles Ranking – Overall CSPC Sales

The list of artists studied in alphabetical order is Adele, Amy Winehouse, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Enrique Iglesias, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N’ Roses, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Madonna, Maroon 5, Metallica, Nirvana, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and U2. Additionally, Grease Soundtrack plus the Top 5 top selling albums from 1975 have been covered as well and will appear into albums rankings. Just for fun, those artists combine for 2,66 billion album sales equivalent.

Before reaching the article itself, let me first welcome Anthony Blanchard who recently joined Chartmasters.org team. For a few weeks already he has been drafting most articles and compiling all streaming information, greatly helping both of us Hernán Lopez and myself.

So, who’s the weakest among all those artists? This latter is coming right now!

19 thoughts on “CSPC: Up To Date Rankings & Summary”

  1. Hi dear MJD !!!

    Congratulations again for your website and also for all the twenty-five artists analyzed and studied.
    What singers or groups will you analyze in the next week ?
    I hope that you will answer me soon !!!

      1. Hi dear MJD !!!

        If we speak of a famous very flashy group from the 70s, I think they are the Queen.
        Did I guessed ? I believe are Queen because The Rolling Stones,The Beatles and Pink Floyd came out a decade earlier then the sixties.
        Then after this flashy group, I hope you finally will analyze The Fab Four (The Beatles) !!!

          1. Hi both!

            Mat got it right 😉

            Anthony, I’m working on the Beatles at the same time as other artists. I would say I have 30% complete by now. Giving their importance, I’m really getting very, very deeply into every information which obviously takes time, but I don’t want to rush an article about them!

    1. Hello Patrick!

      I edited Led Zeppelin article after the Bob Dylan one. Recently, we discussed with Hernan the case of box sets containing original albums a case which wasn’t stated in CSPC introduction. As for boxes eat catalog sales of stand alone albums, in a CSPC logic we felt logical to attribute 100% of such box sets sales into each individual album part of the package. Thus, rather than spreading the 500,000 units sold by Led Zeppelin set The Complete Studio Recordings, those sales were fully awarded to each of its 9 albums, which created a 4 million increase of their CSPC total.

      1. so the boxed sets had the whole albums and each one unit sale was a whole sale for each album that was in the box set? if that is the case then yeah it only makes sense to do so.

  2. Hi dear MJD !!!

    Certainly I understand dear,but how long do you think you can analyze The Beatles ? for example a week or a month.
    Ah congratulations, as I understand, he guessed Mat, the famous flashy group are ABBA !!!

    1. Hello Lucy!

      Mariah has not been studied yet, that is why she does not appear in this article.
      But do not worry, she will also be studied soon, like all big sellers.

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