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Maroon 5 has virtually no stand alone music video. They still dropped a couple of relevant live albums in their early days plus one remix set. In 2015, Singles, the band first compilation was released.


How to understand this table? If you check for example 1.22.03.Acoustic live album line, those figures mean it sold 1,050,000 units worldwide. The second statistics column means all versions of all songs included on this package add for 458 million streaming plays on Spotify as of October 26th 2016.

The second part at the right of the table shows how many streams are coming from each original album plus the share it represents on the overall package streams. Thus, streaming figures tell us Songs About Jane songs are responsible for 99,5% (rounded at 100%) of the 1.22.03.Acoustic tracklist attractiveness, which means it generated 1,045,000 of its 1,050,000 album sales and so on for the other records.

Since most of those albums got released after the band very first albums, Songs About Jane is responsible for the large majority of their sales.

13 thoughts on “CSPC: Maroon 5 Popularity Analysis”

  1. Hi dear MJD !!!!

    Congratulations again for your wonderful site, also analysis of Maroon 5 is very detailed, you are really a great expert, after the Maroon 5 I hope you will analyze the famous old groups that I have mentioned in previous posts,maybe in the next week.
    I believe that when you will analyze the Fab Four (The Beatles) I believe that there will be many detailed pages as Bob Dylan !!!

  2. Holy Moly, those numbers for Moves Like Jagger are massive.

    Overall, you can say what you want to say about the quality of their music nowadays, but can’t deny Maroon 5’s chart success.

  3. Makes Me Wonder – 5,300,000
    Wake Up Call – 3,100,000
    Won’t Go Home Without You – 3,100,000
    If I Never See Your Face Again – 1,800,000
    Nothing Lasts Forever – 1,100,000

    How do you know you sold all this?

      1. Oh sorry. I do not speak English and I had to use the translator. I wanted to know, how you know that “Makes Me Wonder” sold 5,300,000?

        1. No problem Dan – myself I’m French / Portuguese and do a lot of English lanaguage mistakes 🙂

          Download figures are estimates based on last known sales in each country, updated with linearity formulas and extrapolated WW as per market sizes.

          Makes Me Wonder for example included for large countries 3,15m from the US, 540k from Mexico, 400k from South Korea, 150k from the UK, 120k from Australia and 75k from Germany.

          1. Ah, so adding the sales of the countries you mentioned, gives 4,315,000, right? So it reaches 5.3 million with sales from other countries?

    1. They are estimations rather than official figures (which aren’t available) but they are by far the most reliable you can get online 😉

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