CSPC: Bob Dylan Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 8 – Is there anybody out there?


If you follow closely my articles, you surely noticed I already titled several artists periods with that Pink Floyd reference. This question is just so telling that there isn’t much to add. By the 80s, Bob Dylan hey-days were gone and the artist himself was very fine with that situation. Infidels was some kind of mini revival but all in all there isn’t much left from those years as shown by their streaming numbers.

2 thoughts on “CSPC: Bob Dylan Popularity Analysis”

  1. He is no doubt a great singer and song-writer!I can,t wait to read posts about another great jewish artist and of of Columbia’s Bs- Barbra Streisand

  2. Hi dear MJD !!!

    more and congratulations for the web site.
    Then it is very beautiful analysis for Bob Dylan, is very detailed even with the various live and many bootleg, you really are a very great scholarly and studious of these great artists (singers and groups). this week I hope you analyze some famous group that I mentioned to you earlier, they are (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen etc.), of course the four groups I mentioned I hope you analyze for first Fab Four (The Beatles).

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