CSPC: Coldplay Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

2000 Parachutes – 10,400,000
2002 A Rush Of Blood To The Head – 14,300,000
2005 X&Y – 12,500,000
2008 Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends – 10,500,000
2011 Mylo Xyloto – 6,800,000
2014 Ghost Stories – 3,700,000
2015 A Head Full Of Dreams – 3,400,000

From its August 2002 release to the end of March 2003 A Rush Of Blood To The Head sold 5,6 million copies worldwide. By March 31 2004, it was up to 9,1 million copies. Why do I mention those old figures from EMI Annual Reports?

Mostly for two reasons.

First because it shows very well how the combination of modern day classic plus absence of a greatest hits package generates massive catalog sales, as this album is now up to a huge 14,3 million units.

Second because it reveals most recent albums, like A Head Full Of Dreams, aren’t complete bombs in comparison. In fact, it sold roughly half the amount of A Rush Of Blood To The Head in the same timeframe despite a worst market environment for album sales that will appear clear later in this article with A Head Full Of Dreams benefiting way more from streaming than 2002 blockbuster.

The same can be said of pretty much all their albums. All of them were proportionally successful upon release – although Parachutes had yet to break the main audience outside a few countries like the UK –  and all of them going strong year after year. Coldplay catalog popularity added to that compilation unavailability is doing wonders, pushing their studio albums sales up to 61,6 million units, an impressive average of 8,8 million copies per album, a tally that keeps growing every single day.

9 thoughts on “CSPC: Coldplay Popularity Analysis”

  1. Please update
    1. A Head Full of Dreams is now 3x Platinum in France
    2. In Brazil, A Head Full of Dreams already sold 100,000 copies (at least)
    3. In UK, A Head Full of Dreams has sold 875,000 copies.

    1. Hello Sambuu,

      You need to keep in mind figures you are quoting include a good share of streaming converted to sales. As Streaming figures refer to Worldwide streaming, we need to first remove it from countries were it gets counted to avoid double counting.

      As for later updates of ‘new’ ongoing sales, I’ll not be reflecting them on articles as they are dated. It will create confusion and push people to inflate figures if they read figures updated in Sept 2016 on an article dated for example March 2016. I’ll possibly re-do a CSPC Coldplay article when the total will have significantly changed, but in-between I’ll not be updating this one.

      About sales equivalence logic, I suggest you to read this introduction article.

  2. Hello dear MJD and Hernàn, I am curious to know which artist or group you analyze this week.
    Answer me please, I am very curious !!!

  3. HI MJD

    since you wrote this article.

    A Head Full of Dreams

    UK : 3x Platinum (900,000)
    New Zealand : Platinum (15,000)
    Poland : 2x Platinum (40,000)
    France : 3x Platinum (300,000)

    1. Hello Sambuu,

      You need to take into account that those certifications involve a huge amount (25-50% of the total) of streaming, thus you are double-counting their numbers by sticking with them.

  4. i love Coldplay!
    Caught them last night in concert in Manila.
    What an experience!
    They are are definitely one of the BEST bands out there!

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