Streaming World: Back To 2000

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2000 TOP 100 HITS – #7

Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me – 92 162 000

As we are coming closer to 100 million we are getting some memories back with hits that were absolutely everywhere back in the day. Shaggy‘ smash It Wasn’t Me is no doubt one of them.

The reggae master always had a very typical trajectory, either smashing hard or flopping badly. Oh Carolina in 1993 and Bombastic in 1995 were both Top 5 hits in most countries, just like In The Summertime the same year. All his remaining 90s singles completely bombed with a large majority of them ending as uncharted singles.

In 2000 that situation got even more extreme with both It Wasn’t Me and Angel being two of the very best hits of the year in the world. Both went #1 in each the UK, the US, Switzerland, Netherland, Australia, New-Zealand. In the former country, it was the top selling song of 2001 and one of the last million selling physical singles.

As shown by the tremendous total of 92 million plays, in 2016 It Wasn’t Me remains a huge party favorite.

3 thoughts on “Streaming World: Back To 2000”

  1. Hi MJDangerous, I would recommend doing a populatity analysis for Britney Spears, as she is releasing her 9th studio album later this week, and even though she clearly isn’t particularly big anymore, she still remains the best selling female act who debuted during the past 25 years. She’s also one of the lucky acts who benefit from being successful in 3 different eras (peak of album sales, peak of digital sales, and streaming), so her CSPC results should be interesting!

    And unfortunately, as it happens with most of the big selling acts, there’s always been confusion regarding how much she has actually sold, so it would be nice for you to clear this up, as I believe your work is pretty accurate and respectable. Much more than some other popular sources that I won’t mention. I’m very curious to see Britney’s CSPC total, could it be around 100 million, or perhaps more?

    Also, a little more on topic, I’m surprised the year 2000 produced so many weak streaming hits! At least in the UK. It’s so hilarious/ridiculous seeing the #1 song of the year with less than 1 million Spotify streams. As always, very nice post.

    Cheers and have a great week! 🙂

  2. Great work, as always!! I’m always learning so many things through your articles and forum posts.

    Just one thing though. I don’t know about Spotify, but Groovejet isn’t available on all streaming platforms for sure – it’s not available on the one I use, Google Play Music. I had to add the downloaded song to my library so that I can stream it with the rest of my music.

    So if it is officially available on Spotify – which I kinda doubt – it must a very recent addition. Hence why its streaming count is so low. I don’t think that a song which is the most played on UK radio for the decade 2000-2009 and that still gets some airplay today could have become totally forgotten…

    Just my 2 cents though.

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