Destroying Myths: Fake 10 million sellers Part #2

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (1973)

Claimed Sales – 17,000,000
Estimated Sales – 8,500,000

One of the most iconic albums ever, Tubular Bells turned insanely successful after being used in The Exorcist movie.

Its sales have been especially impressive in the UK where it became 9xPlatinum recently thanks to more than 2,7 million copies sold. There is very little information about the album sales in the US since it was never audited after initially hitting Gold in March 1974. It likely sold upwards 2 million units yet.

Released only a few years later, it is quite possible this album would have been a 10 million seller, but considering the available information it seems to miss a good 1,5 million as of now still.

6 thoughts on “Destroying Myths: Fake 10 million sellers Part #2”

  1. Nice work MJD! However, I want to point out that you already mentioned Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope (page 10) on your first Fake 10 million sellers post.

  2. I am curious about best selling soundtracks worldwide. Hope you will cover that in one of your next posts. Great job, thanks!

  3. Beyonce’s 11m was by label but as ‘records'(including single and others). but some fans didn’t know the difference and post it as the album sold 11m. lol
    I love to see your break down on the album.

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