Destroying Myths: Fake 10 million sellers Part #2

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A couple of weeks after dropping the first part of this article, it is time to review an additional bunch of albums often claimed to be 10 million sellers while they aren’t.

I already introduced the subject on previous article so I won’t be doing it again. This being said, I must give a few notices that went misunderstood by various people the previous time.

The first highlight is about Claimed Sales figure. Obviously, for each and every album you won’t have only one but various distinct claims made. An album can be claimed at 8 million, at 10 million and at 14 million in different Medias. That would still be an album claimed at 14 million units. For most Claimed Sales I’m posting, you barely need to go to the dedicated page of the related album on Wikipedia to see it claimed.

The second highlight is about those articles target. When I aim to break some sales myths, I’m clearly targeting people who aren’t used to check detailed chart and sales data. I seriously hope that people educated enough about the subject are already aware those various claims are myths only. On previous example I pointed out the case of Rihanna album Good Girl Gone Bad. Of course, nobody following charts and sales doubt the 15 million claim by her major is done converting both digital single sales and streaming figures into album sales, but you need to keep in mind the general public have no clue about such methods and will barely understand the album sold 15 million copies.

Now that I have set back some guidelines, it is time to jump nearly five decades ago to check our first case of today!

6 thoughts on “Destroying Myths: Fake 10 million sellers Part #2”

  1. Nice work MJD! However, I want to point out that you already mentioned Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope (page 10) on your first Fake 10 million sellers post.

  2. I am curious about best selling soundtracks worldwide. Hope you will cover that in one of your next posts. Great job, thanks!

  3. Beyonce’s 11m was by label but as ‘records'(including single and others). but some fans didn’t know the difference and post it as the album sold 11m. lol
    I love to see your break down on the album.

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